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Why You Should Dust High-Level Areas in Offices & Commercial Buildings - Zanjani Cleaning - Commercial Cleaning Service - Featured Image

Why You Should Dust High-Level Areas in Offices & Commercial Buildings

Janitorial services for commercial and office buildings often focus on the messes that regularly occur at eye level and below. Although these problem areas are an absolute priority, here is why a reliable commercial cleaning company should be directing your attention upward. High-level dusting for office and commercial buildings is extremely important for maintaining health, safety, and overall aesthetic. Here’s why:


High-level dusting advances occupant experience

Although it can be easy to get caught up in the daily grind of business operations and forget about the muddiness of spaces above general eye level, a high up unsightly mess can spread an assumption of neglect amongst newcomers and clientele visiting the space. Not only do the rafters become unappealing, but as dust builds it falls downward, damaging ground level products. Discoloration can take place along the walls, on important papers that are not filed away, and ultimately stain furniture. Falling dust can permanently damage costly equipment, including heating and cooling systems. Unnoticed build up in these hard to reach places do not stay hidden for long. Hiring a trustworthy team to proactively care for your Calgary building can ensure the longevity of your products and business.


High-level dusting requires expert technicians

High-level dusting refers to pretty much any area out of reaching distance and especially out of regular ladder distance. For this reason, this type of work requires professional tools and trained technicians to appropriately handle the problem. While you should absolutely encourage staff to regularly clean their desks and chairs, it is too risky to ask amateurs to take care of these tougher spots. High-level dusting really depends on the structure of your building, but it can include ceilings, high walls, tops of shelves and high standing items, exposed piping, HVAC ductwork and vents. An adept cleaning company with skilled workers and high-quality tools will thoroughly and quickly clean these areas to improve your Albertan company’s physical aesthetic and safety.


High-level dusting ensures the safety and health of occupants

If your current janitorial crew is missing vast, high-level areas, the buildup of dust can gravely affect the general air quality of your office building. Depending on the environment and operations of the space, dust can mix with moisture and/or grease to produce more dangerous situations like mould and fire. Biological contaminants like fungi, mould, dust mite allergens, and pollen can occur due to inadequate maintenance or a malfunctioning ventilation system. An unsafe climate can lead to further issues, like increased sick days for workers. Commercial buildings with frequent foot traffic, loading docks, and/or equipment operation are at further risk for large amounts of dirt, dust, and other substance particles to drift into the upper reaches of your building. Zanjani Cleaning teams will proudly care for your Calgary company’s building using entirely eco-friendly products, guaranteeing an overall improvement in air quality. 


Zanjani Cleaning provides a team of skilled technicians to offer high-quality, efficient high level dusting with top-notch tools. Call us today at (403) 668-1665 or visit us online for an accurate, free quote on your Albertan commercial or office building.

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