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Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing & Cleaning in Calgary

No matter how thorough you might be about cleaning your commercial property, dust and bacteria can build up over time. This gunk is not always visible at first glance, but it leads to a duller overall appearance for your building. With Calgary’s extreme weather conditions, grime can be caught under snowbanks for months, grinding gunk into every surface. “Construction season” brings its own share of mess and dust onto your property, which encourages germ growth during the warmer weather. As for spring and fall, drainage issues occur when leaves and garden trimmings aren’t disposed of properly, and no one enjoys the stinky wetness of emptying gutters. Fortunately, commercial pressure washing is an affordable and effective way to remove even the most caked on grime from your property.

Pressure washing uses a steady stream of pressurized water to scrub away tough stains, salt, and other debris from hard surfaces. Pressure washing is regularly used on concrete, vehicles, and buildings, so the process is safe for your driveways, walls, windows, and drain or gutter cleaning. This magical contraption is actually pretty simple: it’s a water pump powered by a motor. However, there is some nuance to the work, and Zanjani Cleaning has a variety of nozzles to control spray, depending on what’s being cleaned. You can think of the nozzle as similar to an expensive shower head, except it requires expertise to ensure the correct force is used on each surface.

Our efficient Calgary cleaners only need water and pressure to remove stains and grime, so your business won’t be covered in any kind of chemicals that erode or damage property. Commercial pressure washing will rejuvenate the look of your business, brightening up its aesthetic by removing years of dust build up. The versatility of a pressure washer, on fencing, brick, exterior siding, and concrete, means that we can clean huge sections of your business quickly.

Zanjani Cleaning uses all environmentally friendly cleaners, so whether you choose to use only our pressure washing services or another one, we’ll ensure the chemical impact is limited. Our flexible schedule allows us to complete all your pressure washing needs when it’s most convenient for you. Zanjani’s experienced staff will use premium equipment to pressure wash your commercial property in the Calgary area. Before we begin, Zanjani Cleaning will consult with you about what your company needs and where your problem-areas are. You know your property best, and we are happy to create a customized package to keep your business clean and beautiful.

Zanjani Cleaning offers commercial pressure washing services so that your property can be rejuvenated and sanitized, with the removal of even the toughest stains. We plan to meet all your company’s cleaning needs with our thorough reliable service. Call us today to receive a free estimate, and get started with a premium pressure washing and cleaning plan for your Calgary business today.

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