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Stores, Malls, Dealerships & Office Cleaning

Stores, Malls, Dealerships & Office Cleaning Services in Calgary

When you run a large public property, having a reliable Calgary, commercial, cleaning company taking care of your space is a necessity. As the owner, you have a lot of important things that require your careful attention and focus, and making sure your property is tidy and welcoming are two of those things — but that doesn’t mean you should grab a broom yourself.

Customers don’t want to frequent malls or stores that are grungy and under maintained. To keep large spaces and the businesses inside them viable, these properties must be kept clean, inviting, and smelling fresh. And that’s where Zanjani Cleaning Services comes in. Beyond simply making your space welcoming for potential customers, we provide professional cleaning and sanitization to ensure your customers and employees are working in a safe and healthy environment. Wet or sticky floors can cause injuries, and surfaces that are left unsanitized spread bacteria and disease. Our cleaners won’t tolerate either.

Offices & Stores are the lifeblood of small Calgary businesses. Often these commercial spaces are compact in order to save money, which makes cleaning services even more important. This is because smaller spaces become messy a lot faster. A little bit of clutter can turn a small space into a disaster quick, and safety hazards like spills and illness spread much more easily in tight spaces. When every square foot of floor counts, you need a reliable cleaning team on top of messes as they happen.

Malls & Dealerships often having sprawling floor plans that are a challenge to keep clean. However, much of what attracts and keeps customers in these huge spaces is the wow factor that comes from shiny floors and towering windows. The first impression customers have of these commercial properties is extremely important, and that means having a small army of professional cleaners who you trust to take care of every detail. From the open areas of showrooms and food courts to the washrooms and unused corners, Zanjani Cleaning Services exceeds expectations and settles only for perfection.

You and your company have important matters to see to. Cleaning up spilt juice isn’t one of them, but that doesn’t mean you can leave sticky muck on the floor where your customers will see it. Zanjani Cleaning Services is an affordable, detail oriented cleaning team that has been helping keep Calgary tidy for years. We promise to only use eco-friendly cleaners that are proven safe for children and pets, so all of your staff and customers can breathe easily. Our staff is courteous, professional, and discreet. From the lowest corner to the highest ceiling, we dust, scrub, and sanitize with top-quality equipment and supplies, and all the while, we quietly blend into the background.

We can create and customize packages based on your company’s specific needs. We know that every space is different, which is why we offer flexible plans and tailor our services to your particular store, mall, dealership, or office space. We are proud to provide a reliable, thorough commercial cleaning service to business owners in Calgary. We maintain a company standard that we know will produce amazing results, and we won’t stop cleaning until you’re completely satisfied. For premium store, mall, dealership, or office cleaning in Calgary, please call us for a free estimate!

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