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Stores, Malls, Dealerships & Office Cleaning Services in Calgary

When you run a large public property, it is very important to have a regular cleaning service attending to your business. Examples of a large commercial property would be a store, mall, dealership or office space. In doing so, you are ensuring that your customers and your employees are in a safe and healthy environment. Providing cleaning on surfaces and for floors can help reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. Cleaning floors regularly can get rid of sticky messes. For stores and offices, it is even more essential for these areas cleaned. It is easier to spread germs in a smaller contained space.

We can provide stores, malls, dealerships and office cleaning as necessary. You can trust us to take care of the details. This allows you and your company to focus on more important matters. The products that we use are eco-friendly. They are also proven to be safe for children and pets. Our staff will always provide a courteous and discreet service. We provide low and high level dusting. We strive to provide top quality equipment and supplies. Our specialty detailing service for stores, malls, dealerships and office cleaning is a completely thorough. A reliable service is essential to providing a positive and healthy atmosphere to both work and shop in.

We can create and customize packages based on the specific needs. We can tailor this to any stores, malls, dealerships & office space. Our prices may vary for the size of your property. We offer flexible appointments. Our staff will always keep your best interest in mind. We are proud to provide a reliable, thorough service. We maintain a company standard that we will produce amazing results. For a premium store, mall, dealership and office cleaning in Calgary, please call us for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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