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Hard Surface Cleaning in Calgary

Over time, dirt, grime, bacteria, mold, and dust particles get caked on all types of surface and don’t get noticed. You may have forgotten what your original surface looked like & good hard surface cleaning is necessary to restoring quality and cleanliness back into your abode.

If you have kids and/or pets that are constantly in contact with these surfaces, it’s crucial for their safety and yours that these surfaces are cleaned thoroughly with the proper hard surface cleaning techniques, the right cleaning products and the exact amount of care and detail.

It’s more than what’s just on the surface. We offer a wide variety of hard surface cleaning services. From tile to hardwood to stone and concrete, we clean just about any type of hard surface.

We also offer deep cleaning for stubborn grout. We use industrial strength cleaning products. If you’re unsure of how to clean certain types of hard surfaces or your methods are simply not working, let the professionals at Zanjani take care of it for you.

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