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Commercial Mowing & Grass Cutting

Commercial Mowing, Grass Cutting & Lawn Care Maintenance

Zanjani Cleaning is proud to offer commercial lawn mowing, grass cutting, and maintenance to your company. We know that business owners prioritize even the small details of your company, and the outside look of your office space is important to you.

Although lawn care seems simple, it’s tough to maintain when grass and hedges seem to grow wilder overnight. We take your trust seriously and will exceed your expectations when it comes to your lawn maintenance. When Calgarians walk by, they see a lush, healthy lawn outside of your business as a reflection of the care you invest in your product. Don’t let business pass you by due to lack of curbside appeal when you’ve spent time building a quality company. Zanjani Cleaning offers services including mowing, grass trimming, and edging around sidewalks.

Everyone at Zanjani Cleaning is highly trained to handle your lawn with our best methods and technology. Our lawn mowing will be done effectively and efficiently, so you and your customer can take pleasure in the view. Your lawn deserves services that are catered to its specific size, shape, and needs. We promise a highly flexible maintenance schedule, so cleaning up your outdoors does not interfere with your commercial hours. We are dedicated to your satisfaction, and provide a variety of packages to fit your requests. Keeping up with Calgary seasons can be frustrating as maintenance switches between mowing, raking, and shovelling. We offer spring cleans to help get your lawn in shape for warm weather and fall services to keep you from shovelling frozen leaves and decay in December. These appointments can be customized to include both outdoor and indoor cleanings, if you desire. Your business deserves the best, and we value the importance of a positive appearance that reflects the work you’ve put into it.

Our expertise in both quality lawn maintenance and customer service means caring for the outside of your business is a painless process. We provide neighbourly, meticulous upkeep so you can enjoy a stress-free, luscious lawn. The best looking landscape requires continuing care to ensure its allure and health. At Zanjani Cleaning, we provide services to make sure that quality is maintained. Our specialists oversee routine repair of all our technology and motors, so that your yard is receiving the best possible care. We are dedicated to making outdoor areas flourish, so we utilize only the fastest and most durable equipment. All of the chemicals we use are eco-friendly and proven not to damage vegetation, so you can trust that your lawn is both attractive and safe for customers. We personally remove any organic waste from your property and properly dispose of it.

We know that a gorgeous lawn is a worthwhile investment for your Calgary company and are happy to discuss how Zanjani Cleaning can do that for you, with a free quote. We look forward to handling any specific requests, whether your appointments are seasonal or year round. Our fast and reliable service means you can focus on the most important parts of your business, while we maintain an inviting outdoor aesthetic to draw customers in.

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