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Strip & Waxing Floor Cleaning

Strip & Waxing Floor Cleaning Services in Calgary

Your floors are an essential part of your business aesthetic. When people enter, they want to see that you care about your business. Shining floors tell your clients that you think your company is worth investing in and that you’ll take the time to give it the appearance it deserves. Unfortunately, grimey floors can creep up on us, especially when Calgary’s winters bring heavy boots stomping slush into our stores.

You probably have your floors cleaned regularly to remove the spills and footprints of a long workday. After a while though, daily rinses can seem like they’re barely making a difference. This is a good thing! High foot traffic may give your floors a dirtier look, but it means your customers are happy enough to tell their friends, and keep coming back. However, all that traffic causes a lot of deterioration over time. Don’t let that trick your customers into thinking you expect less from yourself. Stripping and waxing floors will fully remove buildup and renew the shine to your tiles, stone, and hard surfaces in need.

Hard surfaces are designed to be shiny, an effect that gets lost over time as the top layers wear away or become damaged. Floor stripping means completely removing the older protectant wax, and all the dirt and debris stuck on the floor with it. We then place several new layers of wax over the floor’s surface, to keep it safe from continuous damage. If stripping and waxing sounds like a hassle, you can’t imagine what having your floors replaced is like! At Zanjani, we recommend having your high traffic areas stripped and waxed every four to six months to maintain the appealing shine of your hard surfaces.

We use only environmentally friendly cleaning products, which is both great for the ecosystem and does less damage to your floors during the stripping process. They are proven to be safe for children and pets, so no matter what kind of business you are, you don’t have to worry about closing while nasty chemicals air out. It’s important to use a professional when having floors stripped and waxed, since different floor types have different needs. Using the wrong type of chemical can be toxic to you and your floors. Ensure that your surfaces are long standing by finding a trusted cleaning professional.

At Zanjani Cleaning, we offer commercial strip and floor waxing services throughout the Calgary area. Our flexible hours and customizable cleaning packages make us well prepared to meet all your commercial cleaning needs. Prices may vary depending on the size of your floors and the work that needs to be done. Call us today for a free estimate and we’ll be happy to get your floors sparkling like they used to!

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