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Residential Pressure Washing

Residential Pressure Washing & Cleaning in Calgary

Has your home’s exterior slowly gotten more dull over time? It can be tough to notice the build up of grime on the outside of your home until the dirt is grossly obvious. By that time, mold, and dust may already have done damage to your outdoors. Pressure washing is the fastest and easiest way to bring back your home’s shining appeal! Designed to remove bacteria from all kinds of outdoor surfaces, a professional residential cleaner can disinfect your home in a matter of hours. This economical solution provides immediate gratification, which other techniques cannot offer, because of its versatility.

Calgary weather is tough on homes. Winter gives time for grime to pile up underneath the snow, and the dry summer heat blows dust across your backyard patio and against your siding. Pressure washing cleans, protects, and beautifies most outdoor home surfaces like your sidewalk, driveway, deck, and siding. Bring the comfort back to your homestead by hiring a professional to clean your vinyl, aluminum, steel, wood, stucco, and brick. Pressure washing is an important part of prepping for patio season, so you aren’t left staring at the dirt patterns while you barbecue.

Zanjani Cleaning Services understands that a professional residential pressure washer is skilled in using a variety of different attachments and detergents to quickly clean the exterior of your home without doing damage to the materials. Our equipment is well maintained throughout the year, to ensure high quality pressure. We don’t use any harsh chemicals unlike other cleaning techniques, so you can go out and enjoy your newly washed home immediately. All of our detergents are environmentally friendly and we guarantee that they are safe to use around children and pets. Our careful and quick methods mean that your home won’t be covered in any kind of chemicals that erode or damage your property. Our top priority is increasing the long-lasting aesthetic value of your home!

Prevent deterioration of your driveway, patio, and sidewalk by having your exterior pressure washed at least every two years. This will remove stains, salt, sand, algae, and moss that build up and damage your home. Zanjani Cleaning Services offer customizable packages so you can have all the necessary areas of your home cleaned, without any extra costs. Our friendly staff will review your home’s needs with you, to ensure it receives personalized care. We’ll be able to provide a list of the materials and spaces we can use this quick and affordable service on, including gutter cleaning. Forget about pulling out swampy leaves and sticks in your drains!

Zanjani Cleaning Services works hard to achieve customer satisfaction in all areas of our business. We offer flexible hours so that our residential services fit into your home schedule. Since Calgary area properties can differ in size and needs, we ensure top quality customer service by consulting with our clients at their property before starting. Talk to us about improving your home’s exterior by calling us today at (403) 668-1665 or contacting us online to receive a free quote, no commitment required.

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