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Residential Post Construction Cleaning

Residential Post Construction Cleaning in Calgary

Calgarians understand the importance of a good home; that’s why there’s so much residential work going on during construction season. Building the perfect place for your family is a stressful and exciting time, whether it’s creating a whole new house or just remodeling the bathroom. By the time the last construction worker has wheeled his equipment out of your home, you can’t wait to move in. But unpacking too early can lead to great disappointment when you realize how much junk and dirt has been left behind. Are you ready to start your dream life? Call us first to ensure that your home is fully cleaned before you arrive.

Zanjani Cleaning Services offers a full, post-construction work residential cleaning experience. We remove any of the leftover construction debris and ensure that your home gets its cleanest start, before the furniture starts coming in. We provide the final, thorough, and detailed cleaning that’s needed; using advanced methods and products to make sure your home property shines. We provide dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and the sanitizing of all surfaces. This includes cleaning all appliances and getting your windows and mirrors spotless. Our industrial strength equipment is serviced regularly, so that we are ready to clean whenever your home is too!

Our flexible schedule means that we fit into your needs and complete tasks in an efficient manner. We know you are eager to get in to your new home and that it can be costly to stay in another place in Calgary nearby. Customer service is our top priority, which is why we accept jobs of all sizes. It’s important to us that the stress of construction on your home doesn’t continue into cleanup stress! Zanjani Cleaning Services offers customized packages so we can complete the residential cleaning needs of your newly renovated home, without any unnecessary costs.

Construction can leave behind a lot of dangerous dust particles that need to be removed before your family moves in. It may seem fine when workers leave, but this can settle into a gross film across your new home. Moving in too soon isn’t worth risking your family’s health. Breathing in all that grime can cause respiratory issues like allergies and asthma. Wood cutting and plaster dust can easily become embedded in furniture and rugs if the dirt isn’t managed quickly. Remember: no dust mites, no allergies. Keep the sneezing to spring and hire a professional cleaner to rid your home of lingering construction dust.

Zanjani Cleaning values the well-being of your family, which is why we only offer our services using environmentally friendly cleaning products. We’ll sanitize your home efficiently, without any toxic ingredients. All our materials are family friendly, meaning that they’re safe even around babies and pets. There’s no reason to prolong your renovation stress because of a messy home, call us today at (403) 668-1665 or visit online here to get a free quote on your customizable cleaning package. Hire us to clean today, so you can live in your best dream home tomorrow.

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