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Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Gutters

Twice a year, Albertans get out their ladders and begrudgingly climb up to their roofs to clean out their gutters. It’s a gross, thankless job, but it’s also not a necessary one. Pressure washing is a great way to thoroughly clean out your home’s eavestroughs without even having to get on a wobbly ladder. But renting the heavy-duty, gas-powered pressure washer you need to get the job done can cost similarly to just having a pro come in to do the job for you, without you having to lift a finger. Here’s why hiring a professional cleaning company to pressure wash your gutters is more convenient than you expected:


Clogged gutters put your home at risk

Plugged gutters can ultimately pose a risk to your family and your home. Since they are meant to guide freely flowing water from your Calgary home’s roof to the storm drains, too much gunk can cause a major hindrance. Clogged gutters cause water to leak into your home’s foundation and cause permanent problems. Worse, if you don’t notice the problem soon enough, you’ll be battling rotting wood, leaks, flooding, and water damage to your home and belongings. Therefore, thoroughly cleaning your gutters twice a year protects you and your family from the wet Fall and Winter weather.


We simplify the process

Cleaning gutters by hand can wind up taking the whole day if you have to move a ladder a few feet over every ten minutes. Using our high-quality equipment, your Zanjani Cleaning team will be able to keep their feet firmly on the ground while the pressure washer pushes out all those unwanted materials. This greatly enhances the speed at which we get the job done! This also leaves time for more extensive cleaning on your home’s exterior. Although cleaning the gutters with a pressure washer will leave debris on your yard, we’ll be there to remove it and get out of your hair quickly. With our tools and trained professionals, you don’t need to worry about taking care of such a messy chore.


Pressure washing increases your gutters’ longevity

Unlike using your hands to pull out leaves and gunk, the combination of detergent and pressure washing will thoroughly remove stains, grime, and rust. Once your Zanjani Cleaning team is done, your Albertan home’s gutters will look like new. This will reduce the likelihood of ongoing build-up and prevent mould or mildew from spreading to other areas of your home. Plus, our cleaners are trained to notice and inform you of any damage or concerning areas that need to be repaired before the next big storm. With the Albertan Fall approaching, it’s time to ensure your gutters are prepared to handle heavy downpours.


Zanjani Cleaning Services prides ourselves in providing excellent residential cleaning services to Calgary and the surrounding area. Learn more about how our trained professionals can use a pressure washer to improve the look of your Albertan home’s exterior, including clearing your gutters, call us today at (403) 668-1665 or visit us online for a free quote.

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