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How to Choose Your Construction Cleaning Team

As a construction company owner, you know what it means to be invested in creating updated, beautiful spaces. But your hard work put into renovating a building doesn’t always get the appreciation it deserves because leftover debris and dust leave surfaces looking dim and unappealing. Hiring a professional construction cleaning team will ensure your work gets showcased properly with shining edges and pleased clientele, without adding more labour to your plate. Here’s what you need to look for when hiring your construction cleaning team in Calgary:


Previous Experience

You absolutely want a cleaning team that won’t approach your construction site like it’s their first rodeo. Zanjani Cleaning has been in business for 7 years since we picked up materials to help our neighbours after a devastating flood. Improper cleaning can wind up ruining the look of your high-quality construction job by leaving stains and grime in unwanted places. An established construction cleaning company with years of experience will have the required skills to achieve excellence within a tight budget and time frame. Even better, ask for pictures of past jobs that look similar to your site. You want to make sure your team already knows how to approach the specific needs and concerns of your site.


Diverse Skill Set

Renovations and construction projects involve a lot of various kinds of work, debris, and dirt, so you need a company that can do more than just sawdust and junk removal. Preferably, you’ll want a cleaning team that already offers window cleaning, pressure washing, and hard surface cleaning since these are all skills they’ll be using on your site! With a diverse skill set, your cleaning team will be able to respond to unexpected cleaning jobs like vandalism, spills, or messes left behind from a subcontractor. Your cleaning crew shouldn’t just be used after construction has been completed. Getting help during the process to tackle problems can improve the health and safety of the site for you and your workers.


Proven Efficiency

After you’ve invested so much time and labour into finishing a renovation, you’ll want to hand it over to your Calgary clients as quickly as possible. For that reason, you need a cleaning team that can finish the job within 48 hours of being called in. With Zanjani’s flexible scheduling, we’re available for thorough, efficient cleaning as soon as your crew is done. We use quality, updated equipment, to ensure your work leaves a lasting impression. Furthermore, we use all environmentally-friendly products, so your clientele can return to their space quickly and without concern for their health.


Use Zanjani Cleaning for your next construction site clean-up. Our team of professional construction site cleaners will apply our experience and skills to quickly provide you with appropriate debris removal and a deep clean of every surface. Call us today at (403) 668-1665 or visit us online for an accurate, free quote and look forward to relaxing at the end of your next renovation job. With our customizable cleaning services packages, your construction site will get the perfect cleansing before passing over to your clients.

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