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Refresh Your Commercial Building by Stripping & Waxing Your Floors - Zanjani Cleaning Service - Commercial Cleaning Calgary - Featured Image

Refresh Your Commercial Building by Stripping & Waxing Your Floors

As Fall weather starts to settle in, heavy boots and debris do a ton of damage to your Calgary business’ floors, leaving them ugly and unreliable for the rest of the Winter. Hiring a professional for stripping and waxing your commercial building’s floors will ensure the ongoing, pleasurable aesthetic of your company. Impress clients with the quality of cleanliness inside your store by providing your floors with the necessary care. Here’s why talking to Zanjani Cleaning Service about your company’s floors can help:

Fall and Winter Cause Damage

While any kind of frequent foot traffic can cause damage to your business’ entrance ways and popular walkways, the cold seasons bring a new set of problems. As Calgarians change into heavy duty footwear, their boots grind dirt and bacteria deeper into your flooring. If your business hasn’t recently had the appropriate waxing, then it’s more likely that clients’ hefty steps will leave permanent damage. Dust and pressure on floors cause grime to become embedded into the floor rather than the protective wax, meaning that it will no longer be easily removed. Too much damage can mean you’ll need to replace everything down to the baseboards to get your store’s look back to expectations.

Too Many Layers Make Your Floors a Dull Boy

Many commercial Albertan buildings choose vinyl flooring because of its durability, easy maintenance, and resilience to abrasions. Although this is a great choice, it doesn’t leave you impervious to problems. While you may be tempted to keep adding wax to protect the vinyl, too many layers of sealer can leave your floor dull. Improperly maintained sealer on will hurt your business’ aesthetic. Even if the walkway is clean, it’s lack of shine will leave clients with other ideas. Dress your floors to impress by ensuring they have professional stripping and waxing treatment. Professional stripping thoroughly removes all the old, flawed layers of wax and sealer.

Timing is Everything

There are no easy, constant answers to how often your floors need stripping and waxing. There are a lot of necessary aspects to consider, like how well your floors have been previously treated, the weather and what clients are bringing in, and how busy you are. You’ll want to talk to a commercial cleaning professional to get their advice on how often your Albertan storefront needs to be cared for. It also helps if you, as a business owner, keep track of when those frequently walked-on areas start to get a little dull. Although you may adjust to the lack of shine if you stop paying attention, your customers will notice right away.

Bring your floors back to brand new with a shine that resists dirt and bacterial contaminants for the rest of the Winter. Professional stripping and waxing your commercial building’s floors will completely refresh its look, leaving your floors protected against marks, scratches, and soil penetration. Call us today at (403) 668-1665 or visit us online to get a free quote and take care of your floors this Winter.

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