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Give the Gift of Time

It might feel impossible to give your loved ones the gift of time, but there’s actually a very simple way—getting them a cleaner. It may seem silly at first, but think about it. Lots of Calgarians only get a few days off work to celebrate with each other and many of those precious moments are wasted trying to clean up before and after relatives visit. Gifting a professional residential cleaning service to a loved one means they get to spend their time this season relaxing.

The holidays can be especially tough for older parents hosting their children’s families.

We relish having the whole family in our home sharing gifts, meals, and cheer. But once everyone has gone, we’re left with a lot of mess that’s difficult to clean up. As crouching down or bending over for long periods of time becomes harder on the body, older homeowners struggle to keep their place as clean as they once did. Save them time and the risk of injury by giving the gift of a cleaning service. Whether you’re looking for a one-time clean or an ongoing service to help an elderly Albertan; Zanjani Cleaning offers custom packages to provide the help your family deserves.

Everyone appreciates having more time.

As parents, we worry about how our children are doing; especially once they have kids of their own. Young children bring a special kind of joy over the holidays, with the way they light up about giving and receiving gifts. However, they also bring their own kind of chaos. Parents can struggle to pull themselves out of the holiday mess, especially with wrapping paper strewn across the living room. Stains on the carpet not only leave parents feeling defeated, but they pose a dangerous health hazard for tots crawling on the floor. Help new parents get a leg up on the disarray with professional carpet cleaning so they can relax about any spills or germs taking root.

Everyone wants a clean house.

The short and busy holiday season makes it difficult for homeowners to keep the kind of clean they want. Worrying about how time-consuming cleaning will be later and the germs that might be waiting to flourish can end up deeply affecting your loved one’s ability to enjoy themselves. At Zanjani Cleaning, we use only environmentally-friendly products that are safe for children and pets. This ensures that we provide a professional, thorough clean of clients’ homes so that they can comfortably return as soon as we’re done.

Zanjani Cleaning provides a ton of customizable cleaning packages so your loved ones can have the perfect service for their home. With our flexible hours, they’ll be able to easily fit this gift into their busy schedules. Albertans understand the value of sharing the holidays with family; so make sure yours gets to truly enjoy these moments. Call us today at (403) 668-1665 or visit us online to get a free quote and more information about how you can give this thoughtful gift.

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