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Keep Your Office Building Clean This Holiday

As Albertan business owners gear up to celebrate the holiday season and sell their products, a lot of extra waste can be created. For commercial property owners, this often means striking the perfect balance between encouraging decoration and ensuring that the building remains clean and welcoming. Here are some easy tips to keep your office building clean this holiday.

Which Decorations Are Appropriate?

There’s always one festive employee that’s a little overzealous about decorating for the holidays. Although knick-knacks can bring a lot of joy into the workplace, it’s important they don’t also pose a fire hazard. Make sure that your tenants know what your expectations are around adorning the office. Avoid potential damage to the building by clarifying where trinkets can be kept and how they should be hung. Your worst nightmare would be tape or glue tearing away a part of the wall’s paint when it’s time to take things down! Encourage sticky tack or thumb tacks for hanging wreaths and streamers, as well as be clear about which walls or doors are safe to hang items on.

Encourage Waste Reduction

The holidays can bring a ton of waste to commercial properties, as items are quickly bought and discarded. Why not consider renting out reusable trees and decorations to tenants? It’s a great way to avoid falling pine needles and excess garbage, while taking a more eco-friendly approach to the season. Leading by example can help encourage business owners to reconsider how much waste they’re creating. Until they re-think it, it’s important to have extra garbage and recycling bins around so bins don’t end up overflowing. You don’t want spreading germs and reducing the overall appeal of the building. This is especially important right before the statutory holidays, as any food should be thrown out or taken home before staff leave.

Prepare to Get Your Carpets Cleaned

Sometimes, mess is just unavoidable. The chaotic atmosphere of holiday shopping mixed with the messiness of snow in the big city ends up doing damage to Calgarian commercial properties. Debris and grime is dragged from outside onto carpeted and wooden flooring; damaging the building’s aesthetic. Office parties and extra treats usually wind up staining the floor. Waiting until spring means your tenants will spend the next few months with a duller, unhealthy atmosphere as their big winter boots push grim further into your floors. With everyone out of the office for a few days and winter halfway over, this is the right time to get your commercial carpets cleaned. A professional cleaning company will ensure that any spills or dirt won’t permanently damage your carpets or flooring.

Zanjani Cleaning Services provide customizable cleaning packages for commercial properties, so that you can maintain the quality of your business during the hectic holiday season. Whether you’re in need of a quick carpet clean or extra janitorial help, we’re here to ensure a healthy, appealing office space. Call us today at (403) 668-1665 or visit us online to get a free quote.

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