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Prepare Your Store for Winter with Carpet Cleaning

Prepare Your Store for Winter with Carpet Cleaning

Very few Albertan business owners enjoy the extra labour that comes with maintaining their store throughout winter. Stains from ice melting products and extra moisture from melting snow gets ground into your carpeting. Maintaining the general aesthetic of your storefront becomes a hassle with the icy weather and many commercial property owners give up and stop having their carpets cleaned during the season to save a buck. However, having your carpets deep cleaned before winter hits can lead to better curb appeal and longer lifetimes for in-store carpets. Here’s why you should be preparing your Calgary store for winter with a pre-season carpet cleaning:


Summer brings in allergens that stick

We all try to be careful with our cleaning regimes when it’s allergy season, but those irritants don’t disappear just because the warm weather does. Carpets especially can be a nesting ground for missed contaminants like dust, allergens, and dirt that makes it into your building. Once the windows and doors remain closed longer during winter, your employees can end up reacting badly to these hidden germs. Poor air quality and sneezing workers can leave a poor impression on clientele despite your best efforts. That’s because indoor air quality can be two to five times worse than outdoor air quality since fine particles and allergens don’t just blow away with the wind. Ensuring that your store’s carpeting receives professional attention means that you’re improving the overall air quality and experience at your Albertan business. 


Improve carpet longevity

There is only so much dirt and dust a carpet can hold between its fibres before it starts to get damaged. Although winter is a particularly messy time, waiting until after the season has ended is too late for most carpets; damage is already being done. Cleaning before the salt and snow arrive serves as a reset; your carpets will be thoroughly cleaned to remove the buildup of contaminants within, ensuring that they have the capacity for what is to come. This will also mean your carpet is less likely to be permanently damaged by the incoming mess, less likely to stain, and will maintain an aesthetically pleasing demeanour for longer.   


More convenient scheduling

Organizing time for your janitorial staff to take care of litter and grunge can be difficult for a busy business, particularly as the season warms up and clientele are eager to leave their homes. Scheduling a carpet cleaning for November simplifies the problem for a number of reasons. First, with the sudden lack of sunlight and time between holidays, customer interest takes a dip. As well, with the heating turned on and drier air inside, you won’t need to put up with wet carpets as long after a cleaning, meaning business can return to normal faster. With Zanjani Cleaning’s flexible scheduling, preparing your store for Winter is easier than ever.


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