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How to Choose Your Commercial Building Janitorial Team

As a commercial building owner in Calgary, you’re aware of the enormous, varied responsibilities involved in providing quality facilities to a diverse range of retail, corporate, and industrial businesses. Health and safety are major components of a company’s interest in renting out space on your premises, alongside curb appeal. All of these aspects are majorly affected by how impressive the cleanliness of the property is, both at first sight and on a daily basis. That’s why choosing the right janitorial team for your commercial building is so important. Here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision:


Assess your needs

Always start your search with an assessment of the types of cleaning your Albertan property and its tenants require. With our drastic seasonal changes, you will want to hire a full-service commercial cleaning company that can fulfill both daily needs and the seasonal ones. If you host multiple tenants from various business sectors, get informed about their expectations around cleaning tasks and convenient scheduling. Streamline your search and contracts by hiring a company that offers the diverse tasks you need to be completed, whether that’s window washing, carpet cleaning, and/or hard surface cleaning alongside discrete daily maintenance. Zanjani Cleaning Services is pleased to work directly with Calgary building owners to develop a specialized cleaning schedule. 


Determine the reputation of the cleaning company

A huge priority for establishing how you choose the right janitorial team is determining their trustworthiness. You’ll want to know how long they have been in business and if they have a good relationship with their surrounding community. Never be afraid to ask about the current clientele of the company and a reference from one of those happy customers. You’ll want a cleaning team that has experience in addressing needs similar to that of your structure. Always read reviews. Sure, sometimes things go wrong and someone leaves unhappy, but if there are numerous outstanding complaints or negative reviews, it’s best to skip that company. At Zanjani Cleaning Services, we are proud of our relationship with our local community, which we earned through hard work and volunteer support. Read our full origin story here.


Explore employee practices

Trustworthiness, experience, and flexibility mean nothing if it doesn’t apply to the entire team. Like any other reliable company, your cleaning staff should be receiving regular education that ensures each employee provides your property with safety and excellence. Don’t be afraid to ask potential commercial cleaning companies what their screening and training processes are, so you can be confident in the equipment handling and product use expertise of your janitorial staff. At Zanjani Cleaning Services, we understand how vital it is that our staff maintain excellent health and safety standards for each company leasing space, to improve their employee wellbeing and performance, as well as clientele loyalty. That’s why we use only eco-friendly, pet-safe products.


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