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Janitorial Cleaning

For many Canadians, February just feels like cold season. Everyone seems to be sick with something, and even a sniffle from an employee can have you running for the disinfectant as you try to avoid becoming ill yourself. Offices and other commercial spaces are breeding grounds for bacteria and safe havens for numerous viruses. So how do you keep your employees and clients healthy?

Hard Surfaces.

Skin is pretty cool. It makes sure our body stays together and protects us from all sorts of nasty diseases. In fact, viruses like the cold and flu can only live on your skin for around 20 minutes, and even the hardiest viruses are usually out of commission in just an hour. Unfortunately, our homes and businesses aren’t so safe. From door handles to plastic cutting boards and the employee washroom’s stainless steel tap, viruses can survive for up to 7 days on hard surfaces. If you want to help create a healthier environment with fewer employees calling in sick, the first place to start is with a daily wipe and disinfectant spray on all hard surfaces. And, if you think the toilet is dirty, we have some bad news about your phone and keyboard. Give those a cleaning too.

Communal Spaces.

No one is going to infect themselves with their own germs, so private offices and desks that aren’t shared are going to be fairly safe. It’s the meeting rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, waiting room, and any other communal spaces that will need careful attention. Every nook and cranny should be carefully tidied and sanitized. But remember, if you have plants, pets, or children in your office, you’ll need to choose your cleaning agents carefully!


The team at Zanjani Cleaning Services prides themselves on only choosing the best, eco-friendly cleaners. Our skilled Calgary cleaners are constantly working in homes with young children and pets, as well as businesses and commercial spaces where we must accommodate sensitivities and the elderly. That’s why we choose to only use cleaners we trust to keep each and every Canadian safe. So whether you have a office puppy or run a daycare, you can rest assured that our cleaners are safe for everyone.

Here at Zanjani, we understand that janitorial services go beyond just keeping your office tidy. It’s about diligently sanitizing a space so that people feel healthier and better when they’re at work. It’s also about carefully working with our clients to ensure everyone feels better. If one of your employees has an allergy to a natural cleaner (like pine or lemon!), remember to let us know! We strive to create healthy, clean environments for everyone. Call us today to learn more about our janitorial services.

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