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Post Construction Cleaning

Here at Zanjani, we understand the chaos that can come with renovation and construction projects. Whether you’re having a new family home built or renovating your business’s office, contractors can often do a less than satisfactory clean up job. The new floor or windows may look great, but the sawdust, discarded nails, and general detritus leaves something to be desired. Let us help!

Residential Construction projects can be very stressful. If the project is for a new house for your family, you’ll be busy helping the kids to pack up and keeping some semblance of order within your family. If the project is for an investment property, there can be even more urgency. After all, than the longer you don’t house a tenant, the more money you’re losing. Either way, it pays to let our professional cleaning team shoulder the burden. You’re a busy person, and you shouldn’t have to worry about dealing with a dust disaster. We accommodate jobs of all sizes, so get back to focusing on your family or finding potential tenants, and let us get everything sparkling.

Commercial Post Construction clean up can be a bit of a nightmare. Your business has either been closed entirely during the construction period or your employees (and potentially clients aswell!) have been working around the mess — either way you just want the dust, garbage, and leftover construction materials gone, so everyone can return to business as usual. From offices and stores to giant warehouses, the expert Calgary cleaners at Zanjani have the experience and attention to detail to have your space cleaned and ready for your business on your schedule. Just let us know what you need!

Calgarians are busy people. You don’t have time to be distracted by little things or to sink hours into cleaning your post construction site. Instead, hire a cleaning team your trust to do the job right. To learn more about what our post construction cleaning services include or to get a free quote, contact Zanjani Cleaning Services today!

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