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Where do Germs Hide in Your Office?

When it comes to keeping your office clean, there’s a lot more to it than just creating a well organized and presentable environment for your clients. Keeping your office clean should also mean regularly sanitizing surfaces and removing germs to help keep your employees and customers healthy. Every Calgary business owner can see the benefit to having their workers call in with fewer sick days — or worse just coming to work ill and infecting the whole office. But where do germs tend to hide?


Do you use your phone when you go to the washroom? A surprising number of people do. Many Canadians also use their phone when they eat, ride the bus, and everywhere else. But how often do you sanitize your phone? Well unfortunately, sanitizing most smart phones isn’t really an option. Most of them have coatings to prevent the natural oils on skin from sticking to the screen, and these coatings are damaged by standard glass cleaner, natural cleaners like lemon juice, or even just soap. What you can do is unplug it, turn it off, and wipe it down carefully with a damp, clean microfiber cloth. This will help get rid of the majority of germs.


So many of us eat while we work, and that means crumbs and bits of food getting into the cracks of our computers. Keyboards can get filthy very fast, but fortunately, they’re also fairly easy to clean. Make sure to check the cleaning advice for your particular keyboard in case general cleaning solutions aren’t appropriate for it. Usually, we suggest wiping the surface with a damp microfiber cloth with a dab of soap. You can scrub with a little force — keys are used to being pushed around after all, but do make sure your cloth is not dripping. Once the surface looks nice, you can aim a stream of compressed air into the cracks to remove dust and crumbs. On some keyboards, you can even remove the keys for a more thorough cleaning.

Work Station.

Sanitizing your desk can only begins once it’s completely cleared, so remove all the papers, folders, pens, etc that has collected over the past few months. Using your damp, microfiber cloth, give your computer screen a wipe and anything else that’s fragile or sensitive to cleaners. For your desk surface and inside the drawers, use a water vinegar mix to clean and sanitize. If your desk is made from wood (rather than laminate, metal, plastic, etc), use a wood cleaner instead. As for your chair, run a vacuum over it and be mindful of spills and potential stains.

When it comes to finding germs that are hiding in your office, think about surfaces and items you use all the time but rarely think to wash. Door knobs and light switches are two big ones. Things like sinks and toilets are places almost everyone remembers to clean, which leads to most people’s toilet being cleaner than their smartphone. If you need help finding all the nooks and crannies, contact Zanjani Cleaning today!

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