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How to Choose A Commercial Cleaning Company in Calgary?

So you’ve decided you want a cleaner commercial space! Whether it’s because you want to help prevent illness amongst your employees or need a tidy, presentable space for customers, hiring a commercial cleaner is a great idea for most Calgary companies. But how do you choose a reputable team?


We don’t need to tell you that a restaurant and a car dealership are going to have very different needs. When choosing a Calgary cleaning company, it’s a good idea to work with a team who has experience with commercial spaces similar to yours. While we’re happy to provide janitorial services for all businesses, our professional team specializes in providing cleaning for stores, malls, dealerships, and offices. While you’re paying particular attention to experience, also check how many years the cleaning team you’re considering has been operating. A company that’s been around two or three years is likely reputable. One that’s been operating less than six months may disappear just as quickly.

What are Your Business’s Needs?

No two businesses are identical, so finding a team that’s experienced with offices in general, doesn’t mean they’ll be a good fit for your office. Perhaps your secretary performs light cleaning responsibilities. Alternatively, maybe even the minimum of asking your employees to clean out the microwave after they’ve finished using it isn’t getting done. At this point, you’ll want to choose a few commercial cleaning companies who specialize in your type of commercial space and ask them about what packages and services they offer and at what price.

Trust Yourself.

After giving a few businesses a call to ask about their methods and services, you’ll likely have an idea of which company is the best fit for you. Maybe you loved that a particular company, like Zanjani Cleaning, is committed to only using eco-friendly cleaning products. Or perhaps you like that a team offers live chat on their website and actually answered their phone when you called. It could even be something silly and inconsequential like you just enjoy a particular shade of blue on their website. Regardless of why you are leaning towards a certain cleaner, we suggest trusting your gut instinct.

Is your gut telling you to give Zanjani Cleaning Services a call? Our professional team is proud to offer custom service packages, environmentally- and child-safe cleaning products, and nearly half a decade of experience. Call us today!

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