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Is Your Office Ready for the Warmer Spring Weather?

While we Albertans may like to joke around that we have four seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road work, we really do have 4 distinct seasons. Fall and spring just happen to be very quick. But just because they come and go within in a matter of weeks, doesn’t mean your business can afford to forget about them. Here’s how you can help make your office spring-ready.

The mucky, slushy mess around your business entryway is doing a lot more than just being an eyesore. It’s sending a message to both your employees and your clients that you do not have the situation under control. With a proper plan and a mop, you should be able to keep that entrance clean and professional as your business demands. Your clients will be impressed by your dedication to details and professionalism, and your floors will last for years longer.

Mats are Still a Great Tool.

During April and the beginning of May, snow and slush are still potential problems. If you’ve implemented a good matting system for winter, keep these mats out for now. However, you may want to have them cleaned/changed more frequently as more moisture is likely being dragged and dripped into your office. The necessity of increased mat-changes is two fold. First, if the carpets are getting wetter, they’re also getting dirtier. In order to keep your entryway looking clean and professional, your mats need to be cleaned or changed regularly. Secondly, all that extra moisture also means bacteria and mould building up in the carpets. This is bad news. Not only are the mats more likely to smell, but they can also start making employees and clients sick. Make sure your cleaning team understands the importance of changing mats frequently.

Hire a Cleaning Team.

May, June, July, and August are Calgary’s rainiest months. Depending on your business, you may also see increased busyness during the warmer season. A cleaning team will ensure your business is kept clean and ready for your customers. They’ll also organize and supervise themselves, so you can get back to doing what you do best. In general, we suggest having your cleaning team come in just before and right after your busiest times.

There are many options for helping to keep your office clean over the rainy season. Some smaller offices provide a place for clients to leave their shoes and offer disposable slippers for them to wear instead. Ensuring that your employees have indoor shoes at the office will also help, as they can leave their wet things where they won’t cause a mess. If you need some help coming up with ideas for how to keep your office looking tidy and organized, the team at Zanjani Cleaning can help. Contact us today!

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