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A Clean Workspace Means Healthier Employees

It’s not everyday that we need to teach Albertans some Germs and Sickness 101, but from time to time we definitely come across business owners who underestimate the value of investing in a reputable cleaning company. They feel that as long as everything is more-or-less organized and looks presentable, there’s no need to sanitize surfaces or actually disinfect the nooks and crannies. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Workplace Sickness.

People get ill when foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses get into their bodies and start attacking body systems and cells. The immune system gets called in to defend the body, and this war causes most of the symptoms people experience when ill. The important take away is that your employees can only get sick when these foreign invaders are available to infect them.

Keep Hands Clean.

The first place to start when trying to prevent workplace illness is with your employees themselves. Provide alcohol based hand sanitizers — these are proven to help kill bacteria, and encourage staff to wash their hands regularly — normal soap and water will take care of any viruses. Avoid antibacterial soaps. Not only are these soaps not proven to effectively kill bacteria any better than normal soap, but they also more expensive and contribute to antibacterial resistance — which means your employees may very well get more sick.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting.

There are numerous ways to kill germs, and your professional cleaner will use the full arsenal of cleansers at their disposal. Alcohol, vinegar, and many other common chemicals do a great job of disinfecting surfaces, and we have a large variety of eco-friendly cleaners that we use to make your workplace healthier. The most important part of sanitizing is making sure every surface is wiped and nothing is missed. Light switches, mice & keyboards, and doorknobs are just a few of the filthiest surfaces in an office. Our team tracks down these grungy germ spreaders and makes them sparkle.

Want to create a cleaner, healthier environment for your employees? Hiring a great Calgary professional cleaner is the first step. The team at Zanjani Cleaning prides itself on offering environmentally-friendly cleaning services that are 100% safe for both children and animals. To learn more about how our cleaning services can benefit your business, call Zanjani today!

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