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Is Your Washroom Hurting Your Company’s Reputation?

You know your business best, and it’s been your goal to offer your customers the best experience possible. But while you’ve been busy perfecting your services or products, you may have missed one of the most important details: your company’s restroom.

It’s About Image.

Clients expect you to present your best self in the meeting room, but they don’t expect every corner of your office to be perfect. They know your company and your employees are people who will make mistakes and things will be forgotten. This leads to a challenge for your business, because your prospective clients know that you’re presenting your best image, they’ll be looking for clues about how your business really runs when there isn’t a client to perform for.

It’s About Details.

As your client tries to determine what’s going on behind the scenes of your business, they’re going to be looking at the little things. How do your employees talk to each other when they’re not engaging with a customer? How do they talk about a customer after they’ve hung up the phone? Your office space is also going to have a big effect. No one wants to be served coffee from a dirty kitchen, or go to the washroom in a filthy bathroom.

Make your Behind the Scenes Sparkle.

If your meeting room is your company’s best face, your washroom is decidedly not. This leads to many clients using your washroom as a gauge for whether your business is really as organized and on top of everything as you present it to be. This is where our team comes in. You need your employees to be great writers, communicators, or techs in order to provide your customers with the best possible service. The last thing you need to add to an interview is finding out how well a candidate scrubs a toilet. Let our expert commercial cleaners make sure your toilet seats sparkle, your mirrors are spotless, and the washroom smells pleasant.

The little things like a perfectly clean coffee pot, listening to your staff politely handle a situation over the phone, and a washroom that shines all add up to a pretty great image. These details are what really show a prospective client that your business means business. If you want to ensure your washroom and office are only helping your business’s reputation, contact the experienced professionals at Zanjani Cleaning Services today.

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