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Prepare Your Home for Winter with Deep Cleaning

Prepare Your Home for Winter with Deep Cleaning

With COVID-19 still slowing down how we socialize and winter on its way, Albertans are getting ready to stay inside. Deep cleaning your Calgary home before the snow arrives means that you can safely hunker down with your family. Who wants to be stuck in a home full of dust and allergen for months? The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America warns that “indoor air can actually be worse than outdoor air.” Here are some deep cleaning tips to prepare your home for healthier cold months:


Refresh Filters and Vents

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) filters play an important role in keeping your residence’s indoor atmosphere clean. When was the last time you changed yours? Timing your filter refresh before you seal your windows is a smart move; this will ensure that any summer contaminants in your system will be removed. Don’t blow summer contaminants into your rooms all winter. Of course, filters and HVAC systems should be catered to your home. Living inside Calgary? You’ll want to switch up filters more often to protect from city smog and pollution. If your home is in the surrounding area and you don’t have pets, you can probably get away with changing your filters less often, but always follow filter instructions.


Disinfect Low-Use Areas

When getting ready to spend time inside, pay attention to those low-use areas that build up dust. We recommend wiping down your doors, trim, artwork, and fan blades to remove the lingering grime before you turn on your heating system. This will prevent that dust from being blown back into the air. Afterwards, take a magic eraser to any stubborn stains on doors and trim – its porous and tough exterior will do the trick. Now is the perfect time to wash your windows, inside and out. With longer nights, you’ll be starved for sunlight and definitely appreciate being able to look out clean windows. Unwashed windows will lead to dirt and snow intermingling, leaving large marks and damaging the glass.


Deep Clean High Traffic Fabrics

One of the most important things you can do before you spend more time indoors is clean your carpets and your couch. These regular spots become nesting places for dust mites, pet hair, dirt and other allergens. Who wants to sit on that when they come home? Hunker gives a great breakdown on how to read the label on your couch so you can thoroughly clean it. We recommend hiring a professional to deep clean your carpet because using proper products and techniques are necessary to remove stains and lessen the damage. Since these fabrics trap indoor pollutants, ensuring your carpets and couches are thoroughly cleaned will mean your family enjoys improved air quality throughout the winter.


With your windows sealed and heater on, deep cleaning is a necessary pre-winter step to maintain your home’s health and safety. Not sure you have time to get to these bigger cleaning chores? Visit us online or call us today at (403) 668-1665 to get your own free quote on a customized residential cleaning package.

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