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Why Post-Construction Cleaning is so Important - Zanjani Cleaning - Commercial Cleaning Calgary

Why Post-Construction Cleaning is so Important

Having construction or renovation done in your home or business can be an extremely stressful process. Focusing on deadlines and accommodating the work being done can often overshadow our concerns about post-construction cleaning. We end up imagining that once the official job is done that we’ll be able to relax, which is why leftover mess can be a pretty surprising nightmare. Here’s a couple of reason why you’ll want to think about post-construction cleaning before you start having work done on your Albertan home or business:


Leftover Debris Becomes a Liability

You may be surprised to find out what gets left behind at a construction site. All sorts of materials and debris can litter the area, abandoned for you to take care of. These items vary from drywall and tiles to paint and wood, not to mention all the dust. However, this kind of garbage is neither save to store nor easy to dispose of. Lots of municipalities have specific rules and regulations around how certain types of waste can be removed. This can be confusing in Calgary and its surrounding areas, as guidelines change from place to place. Skip the time consuming process of driving around to special facilities. By working with a professional cleaning crew, you can avoid the mess and any potential fines that might come with improper disposal.


Save Time

Everybody wants construction and renovations to be completed as quickly as possible. Freedom from the noise and mess, as well as access to the beautiful new space can leave us obsessed with getting the job done. However, too much leftover debris can mean we’re waiting unnecessary, extra weeks for the space to be usable. Hiring a professional that offers flexible scheduling means that you can have a complete clean as soon as your construction finishes. They’ll have all the equipment and skills to make your new space safe and enjoyable to use, ASAP.


Dust is Dangerous

Leftover dirt and dust not only ruin the aesthetic of your renovation, but it can leave you coughing and disappointed. Before celebrating a job well done, make sure that the place is healthy and livable. We’ll wipe down all surfaces, including tough to reach spots, so that you aren’t kicking up dust by bringing in furniture and decor. You may not even notice how much grime is on your walls and windows until they’re thoroughly cleaned. This isn’t just about aesthetic, but ensuring the place is clean and safe. Leftover grime can be hazardous and difficult to identify.

At Zanjani Cleaning Services, we offer both commercial and residential post-construction cleaning services with flexible hours to fit your renovation needs. We use only environmentally friendly products, so that you can start using your new space fast, without any leftover chemical smells. Get the safe and beautiful aesthetic you’ve been dreaming of with your new space. Hire professionals to take care of the extra grime and waste. You can call us today at 403-668-1665 or visit us online to get a free quote on our customizable cleaning packages.

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