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Spring Cleaning Hacks - Zanjani Cleaning - Commercial Cleaning Calgary

Spring Cleaning Hacks

As the mess and must piles up in your home during the winter, the idea of spring can leave you itching for a good cleaning! But once the nice weather hits, it may be tough to commit yourself to staying indoors and wiping down the place. Albertans know how to appreciate summer and we don’t want you to be missing out on the fun. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favourite hacks for completing your spring cleaning ASAP!


Time Your Tasks

Timing your tasks is a really great way to stay on track. Lots of us get easily distracted by another mess beside us and try to take on a new chore in the middle of an old one. Once that happens, spring cleaning becomes a really overwhelming responsibility. Being conscious of how much time you’re putting on each task can help you stay focused and feel accomplished at the end of each one. Plus, having a good idea of how long a chore takes makes it easier to justify taking care of it before the yearly big clean. Once you realize how short and simple some jobs are, these can be easy to assign to your younger family members.


Maximize Laundry Time

No matter how hard we try to stay on top of laundry, once spring arrives, the hidden piles of dirty clothes appear. You may realize you have way more laundry to do than expected. Don’t spend your entire day just caring for your family’s clothes; skip separating different colours and wash all the items together. This may sound a little crazy, but if you add half a cup of white vinegar alongside your detergent, the colours won’t run in the wash. Plus, this helps give your clothes a deep clean while still preserving and softening the materials. We especially recommend this hack for sportswear, since white vinegar effectively removes lingering odour!


Use Household Items to Clean

At Zanjani Cleaning Services, we only use environmentally-friendly products, so that we know there are no harsh chemicals being used on your home. If you share these values, sometimes just using your household items can do the job for spring cleaning. If you’re looking to bring some extra shine to your stainless steel in the kitchen and bathroom, rubbing the inside of a lemon across it removes stains and rust! Plus it’s a safe and easy option to assign if you’re asking for help. Adding simple car wax to your stove top and metal air vents will also help keep dust and dirt from building up and sticking to these surfaces.

Spring cleaning can be an overwhelming process to take on. At Zanjani Cleaning Services we offer flexible packages for our residential cleaning services so that you can customize the tasks you need help with. Why not focus on sorting through family memorabilia while we take of deep cleaning your home? Go out and enjoy the Calgary sunshine knowing that your family will return to a healthy and clean home. Call us today at 403-668-1665 or visit us online to find out more about our spring cleaning services.

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