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Where Do Germs Hide in Your Office?

Everyone wants their office space to remain safe and healthy for their employees and coworkers, but not ever Calgary business is as clean as it should be. You may think that your company is off the hook because you already hired a janitorial service to empty the garbage at the end of each day. However, a quick clean can leave some sneaky spaces full of bacteria! We’re not talking just about phones and the coffee machine. Here are the dirty spaces you and your staff need to pay attention to.


Phones & Keyboards

We’ll start with the most obvious one. Electronics that your employees use are a safe haven for germs, since they’re in constant use. We may avoid cleaning our electronics regularly because we’re worried about water damage, but that turns these useful devices into dangerous germ dens. Even if your janitorial service wipes down the keyboards at night, what happens to your employees’ cell phones? Do they take them along for bathroom and lunch breaks? Wherever that phone ends up being placed, germs will spread. Having designated spots for cellphones to break during the day, so that your professional commercial cleaning company can thoroughly sanitize that space at the end of the day will help keep your Calgary business healthy.


The Shared Kitchen

We all know that there are risks to a communal kitchen at the office, but Albertans love their coffee. This means that they probably aren’t washing their hands or mugs before going for another cup! Make sure there’s hand sanitizer available in front of popular shared spots. Kitchen towels and damp sponges can also contain a ton of bacteria that put your staff at risk rather than keeping them healthy. Add changing these two items in your kitchen to your cleaning crew’s checklist. OnHealth recommends that you change them weekly in a high-traffic kitchen.


Chair Arms

You may not think about how often the chairs in your office are cleaned because so much focus is put on electronics and shared spaces. Think of chairs as small, shared hotspots for unsanitary conditions. Every office has a favourite chair in the shared meeting space that employees compete for. Besides that, any time there’s a space change up because of a new employee or new equipment, chairs get switched. Suddenly, a new staff member inherits the consequences of someone else’s bad habits by sitting in a chair that’s covered in invisible germs. Keeping track of where your chairs are and how often they’re being cleaning will save your team from unnecessary, shared illnesses.

Talk to your professional cleaning company today about how they’re combating these dangerous areas. You’re the expert for your business, which means you know which of these spots are riskiest for your employees. At Zanjani Cleaning Services we offer flexible packages so you can pick and choose what your commercial space needs, without any unnecessary tasks. Call us today (403) 668-1665 or visit us online for a free quote on your business’ personalized cleaning checklist.

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