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How to Pressure Wash the Siding of Your House - Zanjani Cleaning Service - Cleaning Service CalgaryHow to Pressure Wash the Siding of Your House - Zanjani Cleaning Service - Cleaning Service Calgary

How to Pressure Wash the Siding of Your House

You’ve decided you are sick of seeing the dirt build up on the exterior of your Calgary home. It’s bothersome to see the grime, knowing it’s causing damage to your outside walls. After doing the research, it seems like pressure washing is the best and fastest way to clean up the sidings of your residential property. If you decide to take on this big task on your own, there’s some pretty important steps you’ll need to take before you begin.

Rent First, Buy Second.

If you’ve decided you’re going to pressure wash your house on your own, you better have the right materials. For your first DIY, we recommend renting a pressure washer. That way you get a better idea of the kind of machine your home needs and you don’t wind up stuck with the hulking equipment if you decide you’d rather pay someone else to clean the mess. You’ll want to get a heavy duty, gas-powered washer. It’s ideal because of its high flow rate, also called a GPM, which makes the job go faster. You definitely need to buy detergent. Using soaps means you don’t need as much force, so it is less likely you’ll cause damage to your home as an amateur.

Be Over-Prepared.

If you’re not properly ready, it’s easy to cause long term damage while pressure washing, both to yourself and to your home. Buy safety rated glasses to protect your eyes from debris. Avoid using a ladder, since pushback can throw you off your balance and send you crashing. Buy an extension wand instead. You’ll notice industry folks use elevated platforms, never ladders. Clear the area around your home and check for power lines. Turn off all outdoor electrical outlets. You don’t want to hit either of these and wind up in the hospital from electrocution. If your home is old, make sure you don’t have lead paint, since cleaning it will require special treatment.

Get Started.

Pick a nice day with very little wind and no rain to start your pressure washing. Make sure you’re using all the correct attachments and read instructions carefully. After you’ve attached the pressure washer to your garden hose, start it up. Apply detergent from bottom to top, so that dirt and soap don’t run onto dry areas and cause streaks. Put soap on one side of your home at a time, then return to wash it after the detergent has set for about five minutes. This time, clean from top to bottom. Start from a distance of three feet and only move closer if the grime won’t wash away.

Pressure washing takes high quality equipment and a lot of training to get right. Make sure to take your time as you learn the process, since you’ll need to clean your home at least every two years. If you decide the risk of damage isn’t worth doing it alone, Zanjani Cleaning Services has professionals prepared to quickly clean the exterior of your home. Call us today at (403) 668-1665 or visit online here for a free quote on pressure washing.

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