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How to Keep Your Carpets Clean at Home - Zanjani Cleaning Service - Cleaning Service Calgary

How to Keep Your Carpets Clean at Home

Carpets are an important investment for your home because they protect your floors and add a welcoming ambience. Caring for your carpet isn’t an easy task, but air quality can be up to 10 times worse in your home than outdoor air if you don’t clean your floor regularly, among other chores. Making sure your carpet is properly cleaned is necessary for prioritizing your family’s health. These tips will help you keep your home safe for breathing!

Vacuum Regularly.

Your first step towards having a clean carpet is vacuuming regularly, since it picks up the loose dirt. Putting off vacuuming means that heavy footsteps and time grind the dirt deep into rug, allowing bacteria to grow and making cleaning much harder later on. Vacuum the entire carpet forward and back, then repeat left to right! Since carpets fibers are typically twisted, this will ensure that every section of your rug is cleaned. Vacuuming regularly usually depends on your household, so we suggest following these rules: vacuum once per person and once per 20lbs of pet. If your dog is 60lbs, you’ll need to clean a lot more frequently to stop that fur and dander from embedding in the carpets!

Keep Spot Cleaning Simple.

Become familiar with your spot cleaning process before the accident happens! When a spill occurs, you don’t have a ton of time to research your options. Do not panic and start rubbing at your carpet, because this will destroy the fibre of the carpet and leave it looking ugly. Blot slowly with a clean towel, pressing down into the spot and repeating until the carpet is fully dry. Using dish soap is fine for cleaning as long as you’re mixing only a couple drops in with water. Don’t use a cream-coloured hand soap, since those can leave a gross, sticky residue afterwards. Use a spritzer with water and a dry towel to rinse the spot and dry it. The process may feel easy, but it’s definitely effective!

Hire a Pro.

Once dirt has been ground into your rug, the only option for lifting dust without damaging the fibers is steam cleaning. Hiring a professional residential carpet cleaner for the job means they have the proper techniques and training to deeply clean your carpet while maintaining its long life. Remember, for most carpet warranties to be valid, they require you to have it professionally cleaned every 12-24 months at minimum. Hire a pro to care for the carpets in your home, and keep the receipts!

It can be tough to be as proactive about vacuuming and cleaning the carpets in your home as you need to be, but Zanjani Cleaning Services is here to help. Our products are all eco-friendly and non-toxic to people and pets, so you can trust our professional service to lift the dirt from your carpets without putting your family at risk. Call us today at (403) 668-1665 or read more about our residential carpet cleaning services online here to find out how we can keep your home healthy and beautiful.

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