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How to Get Employees Invested in a Clean Office - Zanjani Cleaning Service - Professional Cleaners Calgary

How to Get Employees Invested in a Clean Office

Keeping communal office space clean throughout the year can be a much more difficult task than originally imagined. The lead up to the holidays can be an extremely busy and stressful time of year, meaning that your employees stop paying attention when they miss the dustbin during a garbage free-throw. It’s tough to watch that mess build up over time in the business you value. Plus, visiting business associates or clients coming into the space will be equally grossed out. Creating an office environment that focuses on the positive effects of a clean workspace can be the key to solving your problems!


Make Cleanliness About Health

Although keeping the office clean is important for maintaining a professional aesthetic for peers and clients, the real issue here is safety. Especially as winter sets in, the workplace can become a hotbed for spreading germs and sickness to various colleagues. Nobody wants to be coughing up phlegm as they head off for a resort vacation or sit down with their family for a holiday dinner. Encourage employees to understand the personal health benefits that a clean office affords them.


Set Community Standards

Everybody has different personal standards for cleanliness, which can cause conflict in shared office spaces. Skip the tension around miscommunication; apply clear community standards for cleanliness in the office. Remind people about the expectations around washing their hands and give conference rooms or high traffic areas their own hand sanitizer and tissues. This will encourage people to clean up after they’ve sneezed and reduce infection. Provide disinfectant wipes weekly and let your staff know you expect them to wipe down their cubicle, including their phone, to ensure that grease and stains aren’t left on the desk. Ensure that employees are eating only in designated food areas, so that crumbs aren’t being scattered across the entire building. If people must eat, provide a list of acceptable items that are less likely to leave a mess.


Schedule Team Cleaning Time

Although you should have professionals deep clean your commercial space twice a year, that doesn’t mean your office space needs to go to the dogs in between. Organize some team cleaning time once a month to ensure that spaces are regularly de-cluttered and unnecessary mess is addressed. Have staff check their desks, drawers, and filing cabinets for items that are no longer useful. Tackle storage closets together to throw out used items and reorganize the space to make office supplies easier to access. Dedicating this time to a group effort will ensure that everyone is invested in keeping the office pristine.


Hire a Professional Cleaner

While some Calgary companies might consider skipping a professional cleaner to save money, this can damage your commercial office space in the long run. Having employees help out around the office is important, but they need to focus on their job instead of too many extra responsibilities. Zanjani Cleaning Services provide flexible hours to fit your company needs and are professionally trained to keep your Albertan business immaculate. Call us today at 403-668-1665 or visit us online for a free quote on the services you’d like to use.

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