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How Post-Construction Professionals Can Benefit You - Zanjani Cleaning Service - Commercial Cleaning Calgary

How Post-Construction Professionals Can Benefit You

Many Albertan construction companies make promises about leaving your home immaculately clean after they’ve finished the job but don’t actually live up to expectations. They certainly intend to fulfill the claim, but these companies are experts on providing you with beautiful remodelling, so why expect them to also be professional cleaners? Hiring a pro, not your carpenter, to wipe down your home is a necessity after any property development, remodelling, or small renovations to keep your home happy, healthy, and appealing. Here’s how a professional cleaning service can help you settle into your improved residence:

Nothing Left Behind

Construction crews do a great job at enhancing your home’s structure, but they always leave more than you expect behind. Despite their best cleaning efforts, they often miss important areas because it isn’t the site that they were working at. Plus, lots of debris that gets lifted into the air while they work can take time to settle. While they may leave you a clean home, by the time you arrive you’ll find your new space covered in a scary film of grime. There’s no real way to avoid the dirt and dust creating by construction, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it forever. Post-construction cleaners at Zanjani Cleaning have the appropriate training and eye for detail to make sure nothing is left dirty.

Provides a Deep, Thorough Clean

Professional cleaners know that everything nearby a construction site needs to be wiped down very carefully. This ensures that no sneaky dust or bacteria gets forgotten, even in places you wouldn’t expect to find them. We take care of everything, including inside cabinets and hard to reach spots. Lots of dirt settles on windows during renovations and can be pretty tough to get off. Small rocks and debris can actually scratch your windows while you’re trying to wash them off, damaging the new home you’ve built. It’s important to have a team that knows the right techniques to properly clean your home and remove stubborn stains.

Take Comfort in Safety

Hiring a post-construction cleaning professional for your updated Calgary home isn’t just about simple aesthetics; it’s about sleeping soundly because you know your family is safe. If there are any hazardous materials accidentally left behind by the construction crew, you want someone who can spot it right away and dispose of it appropriately. Cleaning after a renovation can be dangerous to your and your family’s health if you wait too long or don’t have the proper materials. It’s different than regularly cleaning because of the potentially harmful materials and allergy-provoking particles involved.

Zanjani Cleaning Services uses all environmentally-friendly products so that even a post-construction cleanup won’t involve heavy chemicals while we get the job done. Our flexible hours and services packages means that we work with your schedule to ensure an efficient, deep clean of your home. Enjoy the new aesthetic of your home without worrying about what could have been accidentally left behind. Call us today at 403-668-1665 or visit us online for a free quote.

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