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Is Your Commercial Space Ready for Spring? - Zanjani Cleaning - Commercial Cleaning Calgary

Is Your Commercial Space Ready for Spring?

The end of Winter can feel like a pretty big relief for lots of Calgary commercial space owners. Spring means you no longer need to be worried about all the snow and ice posing hazards to your property or tenants’ safety. However, the warmer weather is also a good sign that it is time to start thinking about what comes next. At Zanjani Cleaning Services, we believe early spring is a valuable moment to perform regular maintenance and start thinking about the future of our physical space. These are the first problems we start tackling once the ice melts:


Wash Windows & Floors

All Albertans are looking forward to the return of sunshine! Dirty windows can take that joy away if tenants are seeing stains and dust smeared across the glass instead of what’s outside. Plus, customers entering the space will be turned off by the lack of clear light. We know that as a commercial property owner, you value your tenants’ needs and work to preemptively address them. A thorough wash of windows and floors to clear off all the grime leftover from Winter will greatly improve your property’s aesthetic. Plus, your commercial cleaner will be able to identify any damaged that’s been caused during the bad weather and notify you immediately.


Take a Long Look Around

This may sound simple, but this isn’t really about stopping to smell the roses. Going slowly along your property to look at everything closely will help you keep track of what kind of maintenance needs to be done. Taking care of your Albertan commercial tenants is a busy job and it can be easy to miss the small physical problems on the property. Unfortunately, missing cracks and stains can lead to much more expensive issues in the future. By doing a slow walk around, you can identify your top priorities. For example, when is the expiry date for your fire extinguishers? Is that a crack or cobweb on the ceiling? One slow tour can save you a ton of time and money in the future.


Set Goals for the Future

This might seem like a strange project for a spring maintenance plan, but we guarantee this one leads to success! Once you’ve noted any issues at your Calgary business, you’re able to set realistic goals for the future development of the property. That may not involve planning to build an entire skyscraper, but understanding your budget in comparison to the issues you’re facing will make everything easier. Let’s say you’re having continuous, expensive problems with the buildings AC, you’ll be able to notice and start planning for a new one ASAP. Taking the time to hear tenant concerns can really help get an idea of how to take care of the space moving forward.


Zanjani Cleaning Services provides a variety of commercial cleaning jobs to help you continue to grow your Calgary business. We offer customizable packages so that we can work with you to provide the care your property needs to succeed. Call us today at 403-668-1665 or visit us online for a free quote.

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