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Spring Home Maintenance - Zanjani Cleaning - Commercial Cleaning Calgary

Spring Home Maintenance

Spring time fortunately brings us a lot of extra energy as the weather warms up. However, the jubilation about getting more sunshine can lead to skipping out on some important household chores. Scheduling home maintenance at the beginning of Spring is necessary to ensure the longevity of your home’s property value. Often we don’t start thinking about home and lawn care until it is too late in the summer. Checking in on your home early and regularly in spring improves its appearance and reduces long term costs for Albertan homeowners. Here are the first Spring steps for prepping your place:

Use Compacted Soil

This may feel like an obvious step, but many Calgarians start sowing their gardens when it’s already a little too late. Once the weather warms up, it’s time to change the way you’re caring for the exterior of your home. As snow begins to melt, you will need to clear snow and adding compacted soil quickly. Focus your attention on low areas of your yard and around the foundation of your home. Heavy rains and melting snow can end up pooling around your property, causing foundational damage or flooding your basement. Simple, regular lawn maintenance can save your place a ton of extra, unnecessary costs later down the line.

Check for Damage

Take the time to do a full survey of your residential home, both inside and out. Setting aside time to review your valuables will help you stay ahead of any growing problems. Prepare a checklist of your home and do a search for any kind of structural damage, then write it down. Take note of everything, even if it’s a small crack. Addressing these issues early maintains the health and safety of your home. We recommend Mike Holmes’ checklist as a great reference point. Sitting down with your family to build one that’s specific to you and sharing responsibility will make things easier!

Check your AC and Furnace

It’s definitely a relief to be able to turn off the heating in your home after cold, Albertan winters; but that does not mean you should be neglecting your furnace until it returns. Change it’s filter now and get any servicing you might find necessary. Get in the Spring cleaning mood by clearing away all the dust that’s built up around air ducts these last few months. Check the connection on your air conditioner as well. This will save you any regrets if something goes wrong in the middle of July!

Of course, sometimes it’s tough to get through a long, Spring checklist if you have a lot of clutter taking up space in your home. Zanjani Cleaning Services is proud to offer a variety of residential cleaning services to help you maintain the long term value and aesthetic of your Albertan home. We care about customer service, which is why we offer a free quote and customizable packages. Call us today at 403-668-1665 or visit us online to find out about how we can help your happy home jump into Spring.

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