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Does your Carpet Need a Steam?

If you ask a person how often they shower, the answer is usually everyday or every other day. This is intuitive and makes sense to us. Even though you don’t look dirty and you don’t smell bad, you shower that often to prevent becoming a smelly mess. So why don’t we extend that logic to our carpets?

As Anyone with Allergies Can Tell You a cleaning-looking carpet is not necessarily an actually clean carpet. Carpets are sponges for dust, allergens, microscopic mites and creepy-crawlies, and smells. A carpet that appears to be perfectly clean can also still be giving off a certain musk to keep your business or home from smelling its freshest. This is especially true if you have children — spilt juice and water can invite mildew, or pets — the road to good doggy-manners can be a long one.

How Often Should Carpets get a Steam-Clean?

Just like everyone showers every day or two to make sure they’re looking and smelling their best, it’s important to keep your carpets in top-shape. While you and your employees may be immune to the tiniest amount of scents just beginning to waft from your carpet, your new customer won’t be. The general standard we suggest to businesses who want to present their offices to their clients is a steam-cleaning at least twice a year.

When to Clean?

This will depend quite a bit on where you live. For Calgary businesses, we usually suggest accepting the muck and slush that comes with spring. After all, if you wash your carpets too early, they’ll just get dirty again. Do spot cleaning and scrub as necessary to get through the worst of it, and aim to have the carpets steam cleaned on or just after May Long. Generally at that point, there should be little to no mud and snow until next winter. The next cleaning should be around six months afterwards. Late October to early November is an ideal time as the snow has just fallen. Steam cleaning now will make sure your carpets start the winter season in excellent shape.

Having your carpets steam cleaned every six months is a good minimum for keeping your business smelling nice and looking tidy. If you haven’t scheduled your fall carpet steaming yet, call us today at 403-668-1665.

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