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Window Washing for Schools, Storefronts, Restaurants, and More!

When it comes to sleek, modern design, nothing goes quite as far as glass. Oversized windows mean great lighting for your products, a cheerful atmosphere for client meetings, or just a more open and spacious feel for whatever you use your space for. But while glass is definitely the in-choice for chic architecture and interior design, don’t forget that dirty, streaked windows may be worse than no windows at all.

How Often Do They Need to Be Cleaned?

Dirty windows make a business look dreary and uncared for. The muck restricts sunlight and suddenly your whole office looks unkept. Fortunately, your windows shouldn’t need to be seriously washed very often. A professional cleaning twice a year by an expert Calgary window cleaning team should be enough to keep the worst of the mess away. However, spot cleaning and a quick windex every week or two should probably be scheduled into the chores your employees are expected to perform.

A Professional Window Cleaning helps to make sure the nooks and crannies (or edges of the window) get the cleaning they deserve. Often, these areas are forgotten when your employee is trying to get the job done quickly. For most Calgary businesses, twice a year is plenty for this sort of perfectionist-cleaning. However, if you’re business is blessed with towering, oversized windows, it may be better to have a professional cleaning team in monthly. Many people aren’t comfortable climbing ladders, and you hired your waitresses or clerks because they’re great with people — not because they’re trained window cleaners. Don’t put your staff in harm’s way. With our expertise, training, and tools, we’ll be able to safely give your windows a squeaky-clean sheen.

Streak-free and Environmentally Friendly!

Here at Zanjani Cleaning Services, we believe the details matter. That’s why we only use industry-standard, eco-friendly cleaning products that are guaranteed to leave your windows spotless and streak-free. We choose to use environmentally friendly products because we feel that they are better not only for the planet but also for our clients. Your employees and customers won’t be left sneezing or coughing from strong, toxic cleaning chemicals. And if you have any trees, gardens, or flower boxes, you can relax knowing our biodegradable cleaning supplies won’t hurt your plants.

Whether you need the windows for your business or restaurant cleaned or you’re responsible for the cleaning of an entire school district, shopping centre, or hospital, we’d love to hear from you. We enjoy helping Calgarians to have a little more sunshine in their lives, so contact us today for all your window-cleaning needs at 403-668-1665.

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