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Carpet Cleaning and Snow Season

When it comes to keeping your home and business clean, Calgary winters are the worst. One day it’s cold enough to snow, the next day, chinooks turn everything to muck and slush, the day after the city is ice and snow once more. With all that moisture and dirt being dragged in by pets and muddy boots, it’s necessary to step your cleaning up to the next level.

Moisture Means Mould.

If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that you do not want mould in your house or office. Mould is notoriously difficult to get rid of without professional help; it spreads quickly and makes the structure unsafe as it eats the wood and drywall. Mould also makes people sick. And unfortunately, mould does really well in human dwellings. People and mould like the same temperature, and the wood, cloth (curtains, rugs, chairs), paper (including drywall), and more that we build our homes and workplaces out of provide endless food for the invasive fungi. The only way to prevent mould is to carefully monitor humidity, and the means soaking up puddles and helping carpets and floors to dry out completely.

Salt Stains.

Salt is great at melting ice, but it also leaves white stains on carpet, and it can even damage the finish on hardwood floors. Fortunately, if salt is cleaned away quickly enough, no lasting harm will come to your flooring. We suggest using multiple, rubber-bottomed mats at your entrance. The rubber bottom will stop the mat for skidding and protect your floor from moisture. The mats will also help to trap dust, muck, and slush. This will keep your floor safer, drier, and free of salt. At the end of the day, the mats can be beaten to remove dirt and hung up to dry to prevent mildew.

Prevent Problems; Be Proactive.

The worst thing that can happen at any home or business is an accident. A pet or client comes in and leaves a trail of wet on the floor, and the next person along slips and falls. Whether a hospital visit is necessary or not, it’s hard not to feel really, really bad about someone getting hurt on your property. In order to prevent problems like trips and falls because of a wet, slushy floor, it’s necessary to be proactive. Work with a cleaning team, so someone is always available to keep the floor tidy and dry. The bigger your building — hospitals and shopping centres we’re looking at you, the more important it is to have a cleaning team you can trust.

Keeping your home and business clean and dry throughout the snow season is no small feat. It’s normal to need help, and we’re the perfect ones for the job! Contact Zanjani Cleaning today at 403-668-1665 and have the best Calgary professional cleaners on your team.

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