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Getting Your Office Ready for the Holidays

Whether you’re hosting a fancy party for all your clients at your office or just getting ready for a quiet December, having your offices professionally cleaned over the holidays is a great idea. Nothing shows your clients that you are commitmented to perfection like having a beautifully cleaned work space to invite them into. And, if you prefer to enjoy a quiet December at the office, then what better time to invite in a professional cleaning team to make sure everything is in top shape come the new year?

Clean to Impress.

A holiday party in the office requires two very important things. First, you’ll need decoration. Without a dash of red, green, and gold, it’ll be challenging for people to get into the holiday spirit. Nothing is worse than a December that feels like any other month, so make sure to spread some cheer through decor and small flourishes of festive fun — we recommend cookies. Unfortunately, we’ve met many business owners who feel tacking a Santa on top of a dusty shelf does the trick. Take it from us, it doesn’t. When you’re hosting clients over the holidays, it’s important to reflect your best face. Keep floors neat with mats that absorb salt and water. Make sure windows and surfaces are spotless and shining. Dust, scrub, and organize every nook and cranny.

Create the Right Atmosphere.

If your business doesn’t see a lot of traffic over holidays, you may decide to just close up shop until the New Year. It’s a great time to spend extra days with family and friends, but the holidays have a tendency to make it hard to get back to work come January. We recommend that you help create the right atmosphere in your offices. Once the holidays have come and gone, remember to take down and lingering elves or wreaths. And have a professional cleaner come in to make sure everything is perfect. We’re ready to clean up all the tinsel and glitter and pine needles that seem to get everywhere over December. The New Year should feel like a fresh start for your employees, and that means erasing all the mess of 2016. When your employees arrive on their first day of work in 2017, the office should feel inviting, clean, and ready for hard work to be done.

A big part of getting your office ready for the holidays is a professional cleaning, but don’t forget that it’s just as important to have a deep clean for the new year. Sweep away the mistakes of 2016, and start fresh! Zanjani Cleaning Services is here to help. Call us today at 403-668-1665.

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