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Does your Office Close for Christmas? Have it Cleaned!

If you’re like most Calgary business owners, you’re probably a little embarrassed at how disorganized and messy your office building can get. When times are busy and your employees have their hands full keeping clients happy, it can be hard to make time for the little things like sweeping and dusting. That’s why we recommended that all Calgary business owners take advantage of the holidays. Close your office for a day or a week over the holidays, and let our team tackle your messes!

A Healthy Environment is important for both your employees and your clients. Air that’s dusty and floors that are grimey not only make people feel uncomfortable and less focused on work, they may also increase how frequently your employees are sick. Our professional cleaning service will find and remove bacteria, dust, and dirt that you didn’t even realize was there. We’ll empty garbage bins — often a source of unpleasant smells. And we’ll also sanitize surfaces and washrooms. Your office will smell cleaner, and everyone will love working in a fresher, healthier environment.

Start the New Year off with a Fresh Start.

Everyone loves the New Year. Even if parties and staying up late aren’t your thing, most Canadians enjoy what feels like the opportunity to start new. We promise that this is the year we’ll eat better, work smarter, and get fit. Help feed all that positive energy in your workplace! Have a professional Calgary cleaning team scrub away the messes from 2016, and give your employees the feeling of a new, clean slate.

People love new beginnings and reaching their personal goals. By tidying up the office so it doesn’t feel like they’re returning to their same-old life, you’ll help encourage personal growth and more productivity.

No one should have to work in a dirty office, but many employers underestimate the increased productivity that comes with working in a place you can take pride in. Our professional cleaning team helps to create an atmosphere that is organized — less distractions, clean — fewer sick days, and beautiful — more pride in the workplace. This holiday season, give your employees the gift of a clean office. Call the expert cleaning team at Zanjani Cleaning Services today!

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