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Midwinter Cleaning

While snow is nice for the holidays and salt is necessary to keep sidewalks and roads safe, there’s just something intrinsically yucky about muddy slush all over your floors. Worse, that salty water can damage your floors, dissolve the finish on hardwood, and leave white stains on carpets. Almost all Canadians enjoy having a beautiful, airy house after a good spring cleaning, but flowers and coloured eggs are a long ways away. Why not give yourself the gift of a midwinter cleaning this year?

Spending More Time Inside.

There’s something poetic about the fresh start that comes with spring cleaning, but the reality is that most Canadians spend the most time indoors during the winter. After all, it’s cold outside! So, of course, we want to huddle under a blanket on the sofa. Unfortunately, all that time indoors leads to the infamous colds and flus we all associate with the colder weather. Fight back against the spread of bacteria and viruses by keeping your home extra clean. Our team will sanitize every surface and make sure that the spread of disease stops at your door.

Guests of All Ages.

Over the holidays, it’s not unusual to have family over for dinner and gift giving. This is a lot of fun, but it’s important to remember that some people — especially the elderly and the very young, are more vulnerable to illness. Being inside a busy house that’s full of people will increase the likelihood that someone will get sick. That’s why it’s recommended to always have your house deep cleaned if you’re hosting family supper over December. It’s important for your oldest grandparent and your youngest niece or nephew that your house is as clean as possible. Let us help!

Start 2017 off Fresh!

It’s not an exaggeration to say that many people feel 2016 has overstayed its welcome. Between the numerous celebrity deaths, ISIS forcing refugees to flee their homes, and politics in general, much of the world feels like they could use a new start. While we can’t wash away the greed, fear, and anger, we can scrub off that crusty stain on your carpet and help your home to feel fresh and new at least for a little while.

Is the fresh start of spring cleaning too far away? Don’t wait! The expert cleaning team at Zanjani Cleaning Services is ready to help scrub your home into submission. No mess is too big for us to handle! Call us today!

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