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Deep House Cleaning for the New Year!

New Year, new you, new house! Well, okay… the house is the same, but a deep cleaning by Zanjani Cleaning Services will have it shining and smelling so great you’ll wonder if you’ve walked into the wrong home! The New Year is a time for change, and a deep cleaning can help make sure at least one of them is a good change.

Off to University.

Do you have high school grad who took a semester off to work and collect their thoughts? If so, they may just now be heading off to college or university. For many lucky Calgary parents (or not so lucky depending on your point of view!), your student can remain living at home as they attend a postsecondary school in the city. But for others, this may be a time of new beginnings and good byes. Once the last box is packed and they’re officially gone until April, take the opportunity to give their room its first thorough deep cleaning since they were born. Trust us — it needs it.

If you have a student arriving in Calgary from a hometown near or far, a great gift may be a deep cleaning of their new home. Their residence room or new apartment may not be as clean as they’re used to, and if the place is perfect when you drop them off. Keep a deep cleaning in mind for a mid-semester present. Few students have time to juggle both cleaning and midterms.

Scrub Away the Mess of 2016.

If you’re like many Canadians, Leonard Cohen’s death was the last straw, and you’re more than ready for 2016 to be done and over with. But regardless of the celebrity deaths going on outside of your home, there’s probably more than a little 2016 mess clinging to the inside of the house. A half finished project from 6 months ago. Paperwork that should have been filed away in October. A year’s collection of crumbs in the bottom of your trash bin. Let 2017 be a new start for you, and hire us to get rid of the mess with a deep cleaning that will leave no corner undusted.

Nothing makes a new year feel real quite like changing your environment. Having a new, clean, fresh house will make you want to commit to those goals for a new you. After all, it’s difficult to keep up hard habits when you’re surrounded by the relics of past you. Let us help you achieve your goals one deep clean at a time. Call Zanjani Cleaning Services today.

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