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Improve Air Quality with Cleaning

Improve Office Air Quality with Commercial Cleaning

Regular professional cleaning in the workplace doesn’t just keep everything looking neat and tidy, it can actually improve the air quality within that space. Indoor air quality, otherwise known as IAQ, is a measurement of the number of airborne contaminants in a given area. This includes everything from gases like CO2 and carbon monoxide, to particulates like dust and fibreglass, all the way down to microbial contaminants such as mould and bacteria. Higher quantities result in a lower IAQ. 

The Importance of a Good IAQ

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, indoor air quality is a safety concern in all workplaces. Air that harbours high levels of contaminants can aggravate pre-existing conditions such as asthma or eye problems, incur new ones such as carbon monoxide poisoning, and foster absenteeism due to workers feeling sick when they come into the building. Symptoms linked to poor air quality can range from headaches, nausea, and congestion. In these cases, a workplace can be considered to have sick building syndrome

Alternatively, a good IAQ low in airborne pollutants can promote great health, productivity, and even improve workplace relationships. From an employee perspective, an owner or manager that cares enough to ensure their people are thriving in a safe environment is held in high regard.

Targeting Soft Surfaces

The first way that commercial cleaning improves IAQ is through targeting soft surfaces where contaminants will settle until they are disturbed and released into the air. The most notorious culprit of this is your carpets. Their soft fibres are the perfect nesting place for all sorts of pollutants, including the ones listed above. Not only this, but the surface makes it difficult to see the build-up before it becomes an obvious problem. At Zanjani, we take a two-pronged approach to carpet cleaning. First, we use eco-friendly sprays to kill off any live bacteria making a home inside so we don’t just spread them around. Our choice of product is intentional, ensuring we don’t release volatile organic compounds into the surrounding area and further pollute the air. Second, we use high-powered steam vacuums to lift up the debris and suck it away. 

Eliminating Build-Up

Soft surfaces are not the only places where contaminants can thrive, windows, walls, and even hard floors can collect them as well. Any airflow over these areas will kick up the pollutants and pull them into the ventilation system where they are distributed throughout the workplace ad infinitum. Removing them from the equation entirely is an important part of improving IAQ. To be the most effective, regular cleaning should be scheduled weekly or monthly depending on the needs of your business. Areas with high foot traffic, new renovations, or places with naturally higher contaminant levels like pet stores should opt for commercial cleaning more often. 


If your employees seem to always have the sniffles, morale is low, and the air doesn’t feel as fresh as it should inside your commercial building, it’s time for a clean! Schedule an appointment with us, and let’s improve your IAQ together! 

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