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Fight Against Allergy Season in Your Home

Warm Albertan summers also bring allergies, which may be even worse this year due to the increased amount of time you and your family are spending inside. Take control of your home with these important tips for fighting against allergens that are building up in your home this season:


Wash risky materials in hot water

Although washing most things in cold water is more sustainable for our environment and our hydro bills, there are a few key items you should absolutely still be washing hot. Anything that serves as dust and grime collectors should be cleaned in water that reaches at least 54 degrees Celsius to ensure sanitation. This is especially true for your bedding, which should be cleaned at least once a week. Since we spend at least a third of our time in the bedroom, it’s important to keep our focus there when trying to rid our home of irritants. There’s no point in dusting and heavily cleaning the rest of your home if you’re only going to sleep in a bed full of dust mites. Ideally, you’ll want your curtains and favourite sitting spots to have easy-to-wash fabrics as well. The tougher the item is to clean, the more likely that’s what’s causing your sneezing.


Embrace minimalism

This is tougher with kids, but truly the best way to avoid allergen buildup in your home is to keep surfaces and walls simple. Decluttering is a great tactic to rid your home of allergy season risks by tossing out knick-knacks and ornaments that have been collecting dust. You will also want to encourage children to say goodbye to old, well-loved stuff toys since the AAFA reports that they’re a main source for allergens. A great motto for choosing what to keep is asking each family member if they’re willing to regularly dust that favourite item. The more you have lying around, the less motivated everybody will be to clean regularly. This easier it is for the dust to build up between the cracks of items, the tougher it will be for everyone to breathe.


Clean Efficiently!

Although you’ll want to find your own cleaning rhythm and stick to it, there are some important rules for optimizing cleaning methods. You absolutely need a vacuum and air conditioner with HEPA filters. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air; which means that HEPA filters catch those smaller dust particles that tend to really irritate us. These let you clean thoroughly and quickly, so you can spend more time with your family. If you don’t have the space or time to invest in this kind of quality cleaning, we’re here to help.


Zanjani Cleaning maintains the highest quality cleaning equipment to keep your home winning the battle against allergy season. We’ll provide quick and effective regularly cleaning for your home to ensure a healthy environment during the summer, keeping you and your family safe. Call us at (403) 668-1665 or visit us online for a free quote today.

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