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Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Carpets do a very important job in our home; they keep the floors and foundations of our homes strong so they don’t wear away with age. They also do a great job of softening the steps of even our loudest family members! But all that stomping can really do a number on both the quality and the look of our carpets. Here’s why a thorough, professional carpet cleaning can keep your home at its best:


Fights Allergens

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation defines allergens as “substances that cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma symptoms in some people”, with wall-to-wall carpeting being a main hiding spot for them. Lots of traffic on our carpets is a double-edged sword: while grime gets pushed further into the carpet under feet, dust can be kicked up into the air around them. This can affect the overall air quality of your home and jeopardize the health of you and your loved ones. Even when we do our best to vacuum regularly, it only removes surface dirt, leaving what’s underneath to grow. Where vacuuming fails, professional carpet cleaning is hot enough to kill off the allergens lurking in your rugs and end the vicious cycle.


Offsets Bad Cleaning Habits

Very few Albertans love the idea of vacuuming, yet it’s recommended we do it once a week. Even when we do get around to it, there’s always some allergens that get re-released into the air. Eventually, that dust returns to the carpet and can damage its fibres, creating those unappealing “traffic lane” stains. Thorough carpet cleaning gets deep into the fibres, removing encrusted grime and renewing the overall look of your carpet. Carpet cleaning is such an important step to your home’s care that most carpet and rug warranties require they be cleaned at least once a year to remain valid. This is because of how powerful professional cleaning can be for improving the lifetime and look of your carpets.


Eliminates Old Stains

You thought that red wine stain was permanent, didn’t you? Actually, carpet cleaning can be amazingly effective for removing old stains from coffee, red wine, pets, mud, and much more. This is because we lift and remove the dirt from deep within the carpet, whereas regular scrubbing barely scratches the surface. Amateur attempts to clean up stains can wind up encouraging mould growth underneath or within your carpet because of the dampness. However, with the expertise of a carpet cleaning professional, any hidden mould will be quickly cleaned up and the carpet dried to avoid further germs. 


Carpet cleaning is a necessary but often overlooked chore for home care. Call Zanjani Cleaning today to rejuvenate your carpets and the overall look of your home. We’ll provide a free quote and an efficient team to quickly clean your carpet with the highest quality products. Call us today at (403) 668-1665 or visit us online for a free quote on your carpet cleaning help.

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