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Clean Windows Mean Peace of Mind

For many Albertan homeowners, windows are a valued part of their experience in the home. Windows help us wake up, brighten up our spaces, and improve ambience. However, spotted or streaking windows can wind up taking us completely out of a relaxed state. Here’s why professional window washing can mean peace of mind for you:


Prevent Glass Degradation

The last thing you want as a Calgary homeowner is the loss of value and aesthetic quality of your home. Unfortunately, dirty windows aren’t just unappealing, they can lead to long term damage and costly replacements. The buildup of grime and hard water on your windows can clog the pores of the glass and cause cracking. Dirt that sneaks along the tracks and into the sill can permanently damage the structure, making it difficult to open windows on sunny days and cause them to break completely. Professional window washing ensures you have a clear view of your outdoor property, as well as removes hidden, damaging buildup living in and around the glass.


Improve Air Quality

All the grime sitting around your window sills and in between panes of glass can become a breeding ground for mould and allergens. This negatively affects the overall air quality of your home and can cause allergic or asthmatic symptoms in family members. Professional window washing ensures that those tough to reach areas receive a thorough cleaning to prevent such problems. At Zanjani Cleaning, we use only environmentally-friendly and pet-friendly products, so your Albertan loved ones can relax comfortably in your home. Our trained professionals are efficient in effectively removing the dust buildup so further particles aren’t introduced into your home’s atmosphere. Spotless glass and shining windowsills allow you to appreciate the gorgeous view of the outdoors, without letting its grimier side affect the air quality of your home.


Save Time and Space

Calgary homes can get pretty creative with the types of windows they have: single panes, double panes, French panes, skylights, solariums and screens. That’s a lot of windows and a lot more equipment needed to properly take care of them, especially if you have two or more floors. Save yourself the trouble of finding space for all that equipment and hire a professional window washing company to care for the indoor and outdoor sides of your home. All-Clean points out how time-consuming a thorough cleaning can be. They estimate that the average house can take about 3-4 hours if you have simply designed windows. Things get a lot trickier with stained glass and specialty windows. That’s a lot of time for a homeowner to dedicate themselves when you have so many other parts of your home to care for. Trusting a professional window washing company can bring you peace of mind, while also saving you the time and space in your home that DIYing it would demand.


Rest comfortably in your home by hiring a professional to care for cleaning your windows. Call Zanjani Cleaning at (403) 668-1665 or visit us online for a free quote today.

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