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Have You Started Spring Cleaning?

Although we love the feeling after spring cleaning, lots of Albertans struggle to get started. It’s tough to leave the emerging sun outdoors and deep clean your home after being cooped up all winter–and we don’t blame you! We’ve put together some great, engaging ways to start your spring cleaning if you aren’t quite ready to tackle the big projects. So put down the large garbage bag and mop; we’re focusing on fun ways to get you excited about refreshing the house!

Look forward with design choices

Rather than whipping out the Lysol, start by imagining new ways to play with the design of your home! This doesn’t mean remodelling the whole room; start small like rebooting your coffee table. Give this central place to what you’ve read in the past year that’s excited you. Work on a project with the family by having your kids pick their favourite drawings from the last year, then go out and get them framed. Pick out all your potential display spots around the house and follow the rule of three items. Getting an idea of what your home can look like will make it a lot easier getting to the big cleaning job later since you’ll know what to look forward to!

Take on the junk drawer

These tips are about fun, we swear, but it’s also about cleaning. We all have one of these in our Calgary homes; the space where we put things when we’re too busy or lazy to put them away. Maybe a lot of your trinkets ended up here during the last spring cleaning when you weren’t sure where small items should go. Start now by completely emptying out the junk drawer and sorting the items into three piles: what to throw away, what to find another home for, and what to put in a memory box. By the end, you’ll have an empty space to put next year’s miscellaneous items!

Clean those forgotten bacteria bins

We usually think of spring cleaning as taking on the big problems with pressure washing, cleaning the oven, etc. However, some of the grimiest items in our homes are the easiest to miss when focused on “large” issues. Take the time to sterilize the little things that carry a lot of germs, like your phone and your reusable grocery bags. Throw your bags in the wash with your shower curtain, then hang them all up to dry. Turn off your phone and use a mixture of distilled water and Isopropyl alcohol to get the clean you need.

Finding the time as a Calgary homeowner to spring clean is hard, which is why we provide assistance for your residential cleaning needs. Zanjani Cleaning Services supports Albertan families with the big and little home cleaning projects you don’t have time to get to. We offer customizable packages so that you identify and pay for what you want. Call us today at (403) 668-1665 or visit us online for a free quote on your spring cleaning help.

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