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Dealing With Bad House Smells

Although you may not notice it, your house has a smell. Usually, that’s fine: it’s just a combination of your perfume, aftershave, soap, food you cook, and scented candles. Each home has a unique smell to it. Unfortunately, sometimes the smell gets out of hand, and you might even find yourself embarrassed to invite guests over! What can you do to fight bad house smells?

Make Your Own Air Freshener

You can make your own air freshener for a quick, eco-friendly way to beat general house “funkiness”. Grab a decorate spray bottle and fill it with three parts water and one part cheap vodka. Then add several drops of nice smelling essential oil, as you prefer. The vodka soaks up smell and evaporates quickly, meaning that when you spray it around the house, it won’t leave everything damp.

Open Windows

Closed windows mean low air circulation and a buildup of humidity, leading to dusty musty smelling air. Open up those windows and let the air flow through! Even if it’s cold outside, just a few minutes will remove airborne odours like cigarette smoke and cooking odours.


Especially if you own pets, but even if you don’t, carpets, curtains, and upholstered furniture will collect smells. Vacuum regularly to reduce this effect! You can also sprinkle room deodorizer or baking soda on your carpets, and let it sit for a while to absorb oil and dirt. Then vacuum it up and enjoy a fresher-smelling room.

Change Your Filters

How long has it been since you changed the filters in your heating and cooling systems? Make sure you change them with at least the recommended frequency, to not only improve your air quality, but increase their efficiency. Fresh filters means less smelly dust in the air.

Wash Hard Surfaces Regularly

Hard surfaces also collect odours. Make sure you wash them regularly, including glossy paint, hard flooring, sinks, tiles, tables, countertops, and kitchen cabinets. You can use soap and water, or a mild cleaner (check the directions on the bottle before using). If you’re the DIY type, try mixing white vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio for an environmentally friendly alternative (if you’d like to introduce antibiotic properties to your cleaner, substitute lemon juice for the vinegar).

Got some nasty house smells and need help getting rid of them? Just want to do that regular maintenance to prevent buildup? Our experienced cleaners at Zanjani Cleaning Services Inc. will keep things clean and fresh for you. Call us for a free estimate today!

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