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Combating Cold & Flu Season through Cleaning

Combating Cold & Flu Season through Cleaning

Not only are we experiencing COVID-19, but we are well into our annual cold and flu season. As the weather gets chilly, we all gather indoors, touching the same surfaces and spreading the same germs. This makes for a lot of chances to catch some sort of virus either at home, work, or school. Cleaning and disinfecting are proven methods to manage the transmission of these illnesses. 

The Most Overlooked Culprit

The health authorities have been saying this for a while now: keep your hands clean and don’t touch your face. As an extension, sanitize your phone as well. Think about all the surfaces you set your smartphone down on; bathroom and kitchen counters, a desk, a table in a food court. You wash your hands after touching these areas, but how many of you clean your phones? After all, you’re putting that same device right against your face. Kill off any hitchhiking germs with an alcohol-based disinfectant wipe. 

The Dirtiest Surfaces

You don’t have to bleach your home or office top to bottom to stay safe. The Mayo Clinic reports that viruses can stay alive on certain surfaces for several hours, while other sources claim the COVID-19 virus, in particular, could live for several days. With this knowledge in mind, strategically target high-touch areas. Door knobs, remote controls, keyboards, toilets, faucets, tables, and counters are all surfaces that multiple people come into contact with on a regular basis. All that traffic creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. While cleaning, sanitize these surfaces thoroughly. 

The Best Time to Clean

Does all this mean you need to set up a chair by your front door and sanitize the knob every time someone goes in and out? Absolutely not! How many people pass through will impact how often you need to disinfect those high-touch areas. In your home, a few times a week should be sufficient. Up the ante for retail stores, as their high traffic nature will require multiple disinfections throughout the day. Again, this isn’t a full deep clean, simply targeting those surfaces which are most likely to harbour viruses. Deep cleans don’t need to happen as often. 


Cleaning and disinfecting results in fewer sick days, more productive work, lower transmission rates, and safer communities. Our physical, mental, and economic health are dependent on reducing the spread of dangerous pathogens. For more tips on how to keep your space clean or to schedule a professional to help you stay on top of this important chore, contact our team today! 

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