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Carpets: Deep Cleaning the Debris

Carpets: Deep Cleaning the Debris

Most homes and businesses in Calgary have at least one carpeted room. Carpets offer a low-impact surface that absorbs sound, reduces the chance of slipping, and keeps your feet warm. Maintaining a soft surface like this does pose unique challenges compared to hardwood or linoleum floors. Simply vacuuming is not an effective way to clean carpets. At least once a year, you need more firepower. Here are three major benefits to having your carpets professionally cleaned.  


Eliminate the Nasties

The advantages of having a carpeted floor are mainly due to it being a soft surface. Unfortunately, soft surfaces like to harbour dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens. Being walked on pushes these nasties deeper and deeper into the fibres of the carpet where your vacuum can’t find them. Bed bugs or other insects could also make a home in your carpet, completely hidden from view until it’s too late. All of this will affect your indoor air quality and ultimately the health of your family. A professional cleaner will use a deep-penetrating spray to kill all the bacteria and other unmentionables, then suck them up with a specialized steam vacuum. 


Target Spots & Stains

Carpets love to hold onto stains like dirt, wine, or pet accidents. The longer these are left, the harder they are to get out. Both wet and dry stains can cause odours or even break down carpet fibres. These can be tricky to treat on your own, so spots are best left to a professional with an arsenal of eco-friendly products to lift and remove. There are no more crunchy spots or unsightly discolourations after a deep clean. 


Extend Carpet Lifespan

Aside from eliminating allergens and improving the appearance of a room, deep cleaning your carpets at least once a year can keep them in a pristine condition much longer than with exclusive regular vacuuming. This is because many things that land on the carpet, from stains to debris, can damage it and cause unnecessary wear and tear. Over time, this degrades your carpet and forces you to replace it sooner than you wanted to.  


Carpets are a great addition to many spaces, and they must be taken care of to maintain their condition. Depending on the foot traffic in a carpeted area, getting a professional deep clean one to three times a year can make all the difference. If your carpets have seen better days, contact our team of experts at Zanjani Cleaning Services today!

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