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Post-Construction Cleaning

Deep Cleaning After the Dust Settles: Post-Construction Cleaning

It’s no secret that both commercial and residential construction projects create a big mess. Performing a quick tidy is not adequate. Improper handling of this debris can cause a plethora of issues, which is why a thorough clean is vital. There are three major ways that post-construction cleaning positively impacts construction projects.


Managing Hazards & Maintaining Safety

Debris on a worksite comes in many forms, from sawdust and plywood to toxic materials. Dealing with each of these requires due care and attention so that they don’t become hazardous to workers or inhabitants. Waste could create tripping hazards, spill risks, or even airborne contaminants. Post-construction cleaners will be able to recognize and mitigate potential problems while tidying. 


Meeting Deadlines

Every construction project has deadlines to meet. Clutter at any point along the way can work against the timeline and slow things down considerably. This includes physical messes as well. From conception to close-out, a chaotic workspace forces normally streamlined processes to become disconnected. This isn’t just inconvenient, delays cost money. A proper cleanup will ensure a quick turnaround and keep the job on track. 


Proper Disposal

The job doesn’t end when the space is clean. All of that debris and detritus needs to go somewhere. Construction workers and contractors have their own scopes of expertise to successfully complete a project. In a similar way, professional cleaners have a working knowledge of proper disposal methods that the layperson may not be aware of. The City of Calgary, like most municipalities, has their own requirements for construction waste


Post-construction cleanup keeps the worksite safe, deadlines met, and ensures waste gets where it belongs. These are all important to the success of any construction project, whether it is residential or commercial. For post-construction clean-up in Calgary, contact our team of experts!

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