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The Science Behind a Great Clean

The Science Behind a Great Clean

In a post-COVID world, cleaning becomes more important than ever. Homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals are all gathering places that must be protected from dangerous bacteria and viruses. The solution is to eliminate potentially harmful microorganisms through cleaning. This week we are going to go through the three main steps to ensuring the proper levels of hygiene and sanitation are maintained in any space.



Contrary to popular belief, cleaning in itself does not kill germs. It simply removes dirt, mould, bacteria, fungi, and other unmentionables. This process also works to remove solids and liquids where germs can thrive and reproduce. Due to the nature of cleaning, sponges, rags, and other supplies used in this step must be thrown away or thoroughly disinfected before reuse. This leads us to the next phase: disinfecting.



While cleaning relies primarily on physical removal, disinfection kills germs through chemical means. They do so by breaking down the cells of pathogens. The effectiveness of a disinfectant is often dependent on its “dwell time”. This is the time it is left to sit on a surface before being wiped away. As this step is achieved chemically, many homeowners hold valid concerns about the safety of products being used. Luckily, there are eco-safe disinfectants with lower toxicity ratings that are just as effective.  



The final step acts as a preventative for future contamination. Even with weekly cleanings, pathogens like bacteria and viruses can build up exponentially on surfaces. During this time, anyone using the space is at risk of picking up these pathogens and spreading them. Surface protectants work by creating an invisible shield on top of surfaces, making it hard for germs to stick to them, let alone thrive. 


Creating a safe home or work environment is possible through cleaning, disinfecting, and protecting. Work with a professional cleaning company that doesn’t skip any steps. Find out why our clients love having us clean their Calgary homes and businesses! Contact us today to get started. 

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