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Spring Cleaning & You

Winter is starting to release its grip on Alberta. The sun is rising earlier and staying out a little longer, the snow is melting, and going outside does not require twenty minutes of preparation putting on layers and starting the car. With the extra sunshine streaming in the windows, it’s easier to see just how messy your house is. Maybe that’s why so many ancient cultures incorporated deep cleaning into their spring festivals! Even if you aren’t spiritual, there’s something to be said about cleaning out the old to let in the new. Here are some tips on how to tackle this gargantuan task without burning out. 


Make a Plan

Before you grab the Windex, take a moment to map out which tasks you need to complete. As each home is different, it will vary. We recommend taking a list, like this one featured on Good Housekeeping, and then tailoring it to your needs. Don’t forget to include seemingly small items like washing baseboards, dusting off ceiling fans, and getting in behind the stove. After all, this is your opportunity to get every nook and cranny. For some people, listing out tasks room by room is helpful so nothing gets missed. Areas outside the main home like garages and sheds are a good idea to include as well. 


Spread it Out

Now that you’ve got your list, take a deep breath. It may feel overwhelming or impossible. Just remember you do not have to do it all at once, or even all alone. It’s perfectly normal to break down the list and do a little bit every day, or spread it out over a couple of weekends. Assign each family member an area to clean or offer a cohort buddy free pizza if they help you out for a weekend. Going room by room can help you feel more accomplished since it gives a clear visual of how much you’ve cleaned. That way you can close the door and know you don’t have to worry about that room again for a while. 


Bring in the Professionals

If you’re still overwhelmed, or simply don’t have the time or ability to do such a deep clean, call in a little extra help. Professional cleaning teams, like your local Calgary experts at Zanjani Cleaning, can work with you to complete your list in a timely and affordable manner. You can either have them take care of everything, or tailor your services so that you can complete the tasks you are able to and the professionals can do everything else. For example, some homeowners will focus on tidying up the space and reorganizing before having a cleaning team come in and tackle the dirt and grime. 


At the end of the day, this is your home and you deserve to have a fresh start this spring. To book an appointment with Zanjani Cleaning Services, give us a call at 403-668-1665!

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